Why hasn’t the American Government secured our borders by now?

Children crossing US Border. Photo credit: Vox.com

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Tens of thousands of illegal South American children have crossed the border into the United States.  Thats how many we know of anyway.  The United States government has known about our lax border security for decades, yet has done very little if nothing to enhance it.  This has been a hot topic over the past decade, yet has gotten almost no attention from the government.  Sure, they talk about it, but what have they actually done?

But is this the real issue we should be concerned with, the illegal entry of thousands of children?  Are we missing the boat here?  I think so.  What this shows us is that virtually anyone can cross our borders and enter our country illegally.  If thousands of small children can do it, then why couldn’t anyone else?  How easy is it for terrorists to enter our country?  This is what we should really be concerned about.

After the “911” bombing of the World Trade Centers, why hasn’t our government taken a stronger stance on enhancing the security of our borders?  Why hasn’t this been a major priority?  Does the government actually believe that the terrorists will now conduct all of their business overseas?  Are they actually that naive?

How much money has the American government spent on airport security since “911”?  I don’t know, but I bet you anything it is in the hundreds of billions and continues to grow.  The forming of “The Department of Homeland Security”, “The Transportation Security Administration”, and “The National Security Agency”, all cost the American tax payers billions of dollars.

The government has spent hundreds of billions of dollars, maybe even into the trillions, I don’t know how much, in securing airports, spying on people, and in homeland defense.  But who are they actually securing the airplanes from, who are they actually spying on, and who are they defending us from on our own soil?  Could it be from American citizens?

The Department of Homeland Security purchasing billions of rounds of ammunition, militarizing itself into an army.  The TSA investing in billions of dollars of equipment in order to strip Americans of their constitutional rights in humiliation.  The NSA building the largest spying system in the world in order to spy on innocent, law abiding citizens.  Not only that, but police departments around the country have been militarizing themselves as well.  What in the world is going on?

All of this taxpayer money being spent, while our borders are wide open.  We might as well just put up a massive blinking neon sign at the border saying “Open”, “Come on in”.

It just makes no sense whatsoever.  Gay marriage seems to be much more important to our President, then securing our borders.  Where is the sanity, where is the logic?  The priorities of our government have gone from bad to worse.

It makes one wonder what motives are behind all of this.  Why the massive build up of government entities built to protect from within, which actually oppress the people they were created to serve?  Why leave our borders open for terrorists to walk in freely?  It is probably too late to do anything about it now.  I would put my money on the terrorists already being here.  Did the government not know this would happen?  Hard to believe they didn’t.

Many things to think about, to speculate on.  What the real motives were and are.  Why the lack of foresight on behalf of the government.  The lack of initiative to secure the borders.  We may never know the truth.  It’s only a matter of time before we see more terrorists attacks in America.

Evil is escalating quickly, society is on a downward spiral.  Prayer is a powerful tool, one which we must be using now to protect innocent America lives.  Prayer to bring the lost to salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ!

This is the one and only answer my friends.  Jesus Christ.  Spread the truth, spread the love.

Until next time, God Bless!

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