Universal Truths!

Holy Bible Universal Truths copy

Commentary By:  Gordon King

  • Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior of the Universe!  He and He alone has the power to save anyone and everyone.  Don’t let anyone else tell you different.
  • The Jews are God’s chosen people.  He has made them a great nation.  We are to bless Israel and the Jews, no matter what anyone else tries to tell you.  This is commanded from the God of the Universe!
  • God has given the land of Canaan to the Jews forever!  Never again to be taken from them.
  • God is a trinity, composed of the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.  Period!
  • There is both a heaven and a hell.  They are both real places, they do exist!  Do not let anyone deceive you!
  • As long as you are still alive and have “NOT” taken the “Mark of the Beast” (which has not happened yet), then you can be saved.  You can have eternal life with God forever.  However, if you choose not to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, then you are choosing to live eternity in Hell!

All of the above statements are the truth, taken directly from the word of God.  If you disagree with any of them, then you have a problem with God.  I suggest you take it up with Him and solve it soon!

There is so much chaos and confusion out there, people attempting to deceive and distract from the truth.  Don’t listen to them.   They are full of arrogance and pride.  They have an evil spirit about them.

You know, its sort of funny, that there are many people willing to denigrate and twist the word of God, yet they are unwilling to state what their true beliefs really are.  They cover themselves up, and hide their true beliefs.  Many of them act as if they are Christians.  However, they do not bear the fruit of the Holy Spirit.  This is a big sign and one way to test their spirit.  They offer no encouragement, nor do they act in kindness or humility.  This spirit is evil, and ungodly.

They cause confusion, chaos, and bad feelings.   This is Satan’s fruit, not from God Almighty!  So if someone speaks to you regarding the word of God, remember how you feel.  Are they confusing you?  Do you get a bad feeling talking with them?  Are they showing any fruits of the Holy Spirit?  Are they showing signs of Satanic fruit?  If so beware, they may just be a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

God Bless my friends, and may the Lord of the Universe, Jesus Christ, lead you down that straight and narrow path which leads to eternal life!


11 thoughts on “Universal Truths!

  1. I think you made a typo. I think you meant to say that as long as we are alive ans have NOT taken the mark of the beast, then we can still be saved. It is an important distinction that you may want to fix.

  2. Amen to that! I met one Jewish lady in my life who is 20 yrs. my senior, born and raised in Israel, came to America, got a Masters from Berkley, became a School Teacher, Retired, and I worked as her Caregiver for the elderly for 4 yrs., was always..

  3. ..asking her questions because she was a Mentor to me. I wondered why she was so joyous in her heart, kind, generous, and friendly. She told me she was raised that way, and disciplined in The Torah. She said she was a Messianic Jew, and explained to me..

  4. ..some things about Zionist, that they are to focus on growing a garden to make green the desert where most things dont grow, and share it with the world. She had crystal blue eyes you could look in that seemed like looking into The Lords eyes to me.

  5. …I told her she was lucky to have eyes like that. She said she was Blessed. Even though 1 of her 6 children was severely disabled, she had all the patient in the world, all the time. Goes to show you-you will know them by thier fruits! We shouldnt..

  6. …assume or judge. We should get to know people and what they truly believe, and thier nature..just as we should get to know The Lord, personally. By thier fruits we shall know them!

  7. I agree with you regarding anyone who has Not taken the mark of the beast will yet be able to be saved, although I want to let you know that we who believe this are swimming upstream against a growing tide of false teachers who are saying that taking the mark of the beast does not prevent you from being saved. What a huge lie is being fabricated opposing the Word of God, shows how near we are to the real and final events taking place that will bring all this about. Jesus said to pray that we would be accounted worthy to escape all these things coming upon the earth.

  8. That’s true Ethin. I don’t believe that Christians will be around at that time. I should say: Christians before the “rapture” of the church.

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