Demonic Spirits are on the Loose!

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Commentary By:  Gordon King

The deception of the world is running high.  The evil spirits in the world are on the loose creating havoc, hatred, chaos.  Do not be deceived into believing the lies of Satan!  He is pure evil and wickedness.  His minions are real, they are here, and they are out to deceive and to destroy.

Mark my words, the evil, hatred, and deception in the world today is getting worse, and is about to get much, much worse.  Like a deadly virus attacking the body, inch by inch, it takes over then completely consumes and destroys.  This is now the world we live in today.  The only thing stopping the virus from completely destroying now is the church of God, the Holy Spirit in the world. 

Evil begets evil, sin begets sin.  Like a whirlwind, as the storm picks up speed and strength, it gathers up all that it can.  It seeks to destroy and demolish all in it’s path.  This is how sin and evil works.  It tries to envelope everything in it’s surroundings, it grows and feeds on itself, creating more of the same.  This is what’s now happening in the world today, more evil, more sin, more wickedness.

Satan is the great deceiver, the father of all lies.  Don’t be fooled, don’t be deceived, don’t buy into the lie.  He has come to seek and destroy, yes even the elect.

The stage is being set, the actors are not only in their place, the show has begun.  The end times are now, the last days, the end of the age.  The foolish shall turn from God and seek their own direction, leading them to an eternal path of death.

There will be many following evil spirits and demonic forces.  These forces and spirits are real my friends.  Evil Spirits Are Real!  This is no joke.  It is happening now as you read this post.  I have been a witness to demons, they are not here for a friendly visit, believe me when I say this.  They are strong, they are powerful, and they have been given instructions to take as many souls with them into Hell as they possibly can. 

They will also attempt to deceive God’s children into believing the lies of Satan.  They will attempt to place doubt and fear into your hearts, to diminish your faith.  These spirits hate nothing more than a true, bible believing Christian who prays to God.  They hate and fear the name of Jesus, they run from it.

Stay strong in the Lord, walk with Him daily, give Him the thanks and the glory that only He deserves.  Our time is so very, very short my friends.  Pray for the lost, help the needy, and shine the light of God into a dark, dark world while you still have the chance!

Until next time, God Bless my friends!

11 thoughts on “Demonic Spirits are on the Loose!

  1. How true, how true! Amen! Now more then ever we need to put on the whole armor of God. “The night is far spent, the day is at hand. Therefore let us cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light.” Rom.13:12

  2. Thank You Gordan! Those who say that Jesus Christ is not one with God The Father, and The Holy Spirit, and Deny He is God, will be the ones who fall for the anti-christ, believing that Christ has come back as just a man who lives a human life.

  3. Some will even believe fallen angels are aliens. Some will believe their unique soul got reincarnated into another unique body, human or animal. Some will play God and attempt to change his creation:All masked denial of Truth! He who has an ear -HEAR IT!

  4. All true and valuable information Gordon, truth is that most Christians are never taught biblically about the danger of the devil of demons, They try to keep this information out of the church but boldly bring it into movies, cartoons and pictures, even lego blocks have transhuman demonic figures that are sold to small kids now. They seem to be worshiped on trading cards as fictional characters, they are after the minds and affections of our 4 and 5 year olds. Another venue the devil has for possession and presence is “tattoos” he has so deceived church goers that tattoos are okay, they are certainly not representing Christ or the Gospel, especially the ones that depict and worship death with a human skull that is tattooed on the back or the shaved head of an individual. Some tattoos are so evil and wicked looking that I have to turn away from having the sight of them in my mind. I know all the arguments for tattoos but I’m not the one who has opened up a portal on my body from which I believe demonic entrance takes place through a tatoo. Please Christians be wise and keep the needle and ink and picture off of and out of the temple of the Holy Spirit.

    I have two strong Christian praying brothers stopping by my house now for a time of prayer for the lost. I’m so thankful that my house is a house of prayer, the devil is not pleased with this and personal afflictions have increased as a result. Please keep me in prayer for protection.

  5. Thank you Ethin my brother! These demons are real, they are powerful. The world needs to wake up to what is happening. Time is short, so very short!
    God Bless my friend, and may the Lord protect you, guide you, and give you wisdom, understanding, and discernment. Amen

  6. ETHIN: Just read your comment and don’t you know that Satan and his demons will leave you alone if you rebuke them? The bible tells us rebuke Satan and he will flee from you. The demons believe in GOD and they tremble. Satan used to annoy me and send his demons to temp me. I prayed as we must pray, “IN JESUS NAME”, and I said, “Satan, in the name of JESUS go and leave me alone and take your demons with you”. He knew I was serious. He doesn’t seem to be coming around anymore. I fill my mind with spiritual things, I read things that are good, I don’t go to places that have nothing to do with the LORD. I don’t celebrate Pagan holidays like Easter, or Halloween or even Christmas, they all had pagan roots and are not from GOD.
    Pray Ethin, in JESUS name to be freed from bondage. Tell Satan and his demons that you want no part of them or their lies or evil plans. GOD bless you and I do pray that will leave you alone. Peace will come to you from the Holy Spirit.

  7. We are dealing with principalities and men ruled by them that attack the saved, the God fearing individuals. Stay firm in your convictions. DO NOT FEAR! Talk to Jesus in prayer, BELIEVE and He will give you peace. The evil one in his ugliest form, the opposite of love and beauty, will no longer dominate this world. The anguish that we experience because of our fate in living in a sinful world, where he is allowed to wreck havoc will no longer exist. Keep your eyes focus on heaven and its rewards. Trust the Lord for this will happen. I pray for the love of Jesus to come into the hearts of those who are being attack and find peace. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  8. Thank you SweetJava. We must also remember that He who is within us is greater than he who is in the world. We have the power within us!

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