Where is the outrage over the bombardment of civilians in Israel?

Israel refuses to rule out Gaza ground operation following rocket attacks

A trail of smoke is seen as a rocket is launched from the Palestinian Gaza Strip towards southern Israel Photo: Jack Guez/AFP

Hundreds of rockets have been fired and a million citizens are forced to run for cover. Imagine if London suffered this bombardment

(SOURCE)  You see, as most people in the UK were waking up this morning, and those in Europe, United States and elsewhere around the world were going about their daily routines, here in Israel over one million people were running for cover from a hail of rockets being rained down by Palestinian Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

In the last 24 hours alone, over 120 rockets have been fired on southern Israel. That’s approximately five rockets per hour. By the time I finish this article, odds are that count will have risen to 125 rockets.

To put things in context: one million Israelis is roughly 13 per cent of the population. Thirteen per cent of the UK population equates to about 8.4 million people, or the entire population of London.

A number of Israelis have already been injured, though thankfully without fatalities. The only reason more have not been hurt is because Israel has invested millions of dollars in bomb shelters and the Iron Dome defence system. Meanwhile, Hamas, whose very raison d’être is the destruction of Israel and which is recognised as a terrorist organisation both by the EU and UK, has invested millions of dollars in foreign aid into more rockets.

So, where is the outrage?

Since the beginning of this year, Gaza terrorists have fired more than 450 rockets on Israel, with about half of them coming since mid-June, when two Hamas terrorists kidnapped and brutally murdered three Israeli teenagers.

Why is it that a majority of the international community only notices when Israel undertakes its sovereign right, and obligation, to defend its citizens? Can you imagine if even one rocket was fired on London, Washington, Paris or Moscow? This is simply intolerable and no country can, or should, tolerate such attacks on its people.

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8 thoughts on “Where is the outrage over the bombardment of civilians in Israel?

  1. It amazes me that people are quick to demonize Israel but the true culprits are deemed righteous…Like this writer so aptly states.
    May God continue to protect, comfort and abide in Israel. When one prays for the blessing of Israel blessings come to that individual &/or nation AND the opposite is true when its cursed.

  2. As the word of God says, there shall be deception, lies and twisting of the truth in the last days. There are some who question my support of Israel. However, I shall believe what God tells me over man.
    God Bless SweetJava!

  3. Right you are Gordan. Deception is rampant and out of control. People are lead to believe it’s the fault in our belief in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that’s causing all this havoc. Let’s destroy Israel and all its people around the world, this will bring peace.. Ah, no! It’s sin in its ugliest form. People are too rapped up in it to notice.
    Standing in the side of God the Father, Jesus His son and The Holy Spirit who guides us through all truths! Man can destroy the body BUT not the spirit! Let’s persevere in praying for both physical and spiritual Israel. May our Lord bless you as well.

  4. In Jesus’ name.
    (Gordan forgot to check off the little box to notify me on my above comment. Would like to know your opinion…)

  5. The tears and outcry for Israel seems only to be in the hearts and minds with wisdom of the people who are children of the true God and his word in The Torah/Old Testament, and New Testament/Gospel/Good News of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

  6. P.S. Everyone else on earth, if old enough to know about it, is blinded by some hypnotic subconscious denial of truth. I suppose they know not what they do, and we should forgive them, even though we would just rather WAKE THEM UP!

  7. We should pray for everyone! But, we should also tell them the truth. We need to wake up the world, even the Christians that are in a slumber.

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