Hobby Lobby Wins: Supreme Court Rules Christian-Owned Businesses Can Reject Birth-Control Mandate

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The exterior of the U.S. Supreme Court is seen in Washington March 5, 2014. U.S. Supreme Court justices on Wednesday appeared to look for a compromise that would enable them to avoid overruling a 26-year-old precedent that made it easier for plaintiffs to negotiate large class action settlements.                                       (Photo: REUTERS/Gary Cameron)

In a landmark religious freedom case the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Woods Specialties, stating that corporations can refuse to provide certain drugs that may abort a fetus on the basis of religious objection.
In a five to four decision, the highest court in the land ruled that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act applies to privately owned businesses like Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Woods Specialties.

The decision was narrowed to only the contraceptive mandate and is not necessarily applicable to all insurance mandates, like blood transfusions or vaccinations.

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 In November 2009, Hobby Lobby President Steve Green purchased his family’s first biblical artifact. Today Green devotes much of his time to what has become known as The Green Collection, among the world’s newest and largest private collections of rare biblical texts and artifacts. The collection of more than 40,000 biblical antiquities features this copy of the first printed English Bible in America, the Aitken Bible, a personal favorite of Green’s. (Courtesy of The Green Collection)

In September 2012 Hobby Lobby owners the Green family filed a lawsuit against HHS in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma regarding the mandate.While the Greens were willing to provide most of the mandated contraceptives, they opposed the provision that they must provide “morning after” and “week after” pills, which are considered abortion-inducing and thus in opposition to the Greens’ pro-life views.

Steve Green, president of Hobby Lobby told The Christian Post in an earlier interview that “our Founders gave us the religious freedoms that we have today and as a business we have the right to live according to those freedoms.”

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5 thoughts on “Hobby Lobby Wins: Supreme Court Rules Christian-Owned Businesses Can Reject Birth-Control Mandate

  1. Hi everyone!

    What a great step forward for God. We thank you Father, in Jesus name, for people that are willing to take a Stand for You in being obedient to You. Everyone, please, pray that leaders in every country, from the highest level to the lowest level in our world governments, will obey God and if they refuse, that God will remove them from office. Prayer is how God works through us to get what He wants completed here on earth! When government leaders become righteous, we will see bankers, business owners, marriages and much more become obedient to God! Prayer works! Pray! Pray! Pray! And see what mighty things God will do!

    Speak what you want, in the name of Jesus, and see God change this world! (Mark 11:22-24). Speaking scriptures from God’s Holy Word is a great place to start!

    God’s Blessings on you and yours!

    Dr. Gary

  2. Amen Dr. Gary. This is truly a blessing and an answer to prayer! Praise the Lord! With all of the increase of sin in the world and America, it’s a glorious thing to see righteousness prevail. Glory to God Almighty!
    God Bless!

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  4. I’m looking, trying to find where in the Supreme court ruling, or arguments, or dissenting opinions, or anywhere, that the ruling including the language ” Christian-Owned Businesses”. Can you point me to where in the ruling it says that?

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