Greg Laurie : America, This is Your Wake-Up Call

Greg Laurie preaches on revival in America on Sunday, August 11, 2013, in Southern California.                (Photo: Harvest Ministries)

By Alex Murashko , Christian Post Reporter

IRVINE, Calif. – Recent social and political events in the U.S. and abroad should be alarming enough for Americans to awaken from their spiritual slumber, preached evangelist Greg Laurie during a midweek church service he called “Hope for America.”

“Here on the home front, the family is disintegrating. It’s under attack. People want to redefine it. They want to blow it apart,” Laurie told his congregants at Harvest Orange County and an online audience Thursday evening. “It’s almost like culture has declared war on the family and if you dare to stand up and make the controversial statement that a family is made up of a man and a woman you are accused of being bigoted and that’s called hate speech.”

He added, “Most of the social ills can be related directly to the breakdown of the family. You name the problem and it’s almost always traced back to the breakdown of the family.”

During the beginning of his sermon, he then pointed to the “unraveling” of the political climate internationally.

“Islamic terrorism has gone into high gear with Al Qaeda in Iraq now, a whole new group is formed called ISIS … the war on terrorism is not over,” he explained. He also mentioned the Russian aggression in the Ukraine, and the tension brought on by the governments of Iran and North Korea.

“I would say all of this is a warning to America. You could say, ‘America, this is your wake-up call,'” Laurie said. “I believe America has two choices before us, it is revival or it is judgment. My prayer for America is that we will have at least one more spiritual awakening before that judgment comes.”

While referencing Scripture much of the evening, he addressed the dilemma about what Christians should do in such seemingly dire circumstances. He rhetorically asked, “Shall we throw up our hands and just give up?”

“I still happen to believe that the United States of America is still the greatest country on the face of the earth. But we have lost our way in recent days … In many ways our country is facing a moral and spiritual crisis,” Laurie said.

He reminded Christians that as the Bible indicates, the world is dark and corrupt. “By its very nature, the world is getting darker. It cannot do anything but get worse. The Bible does tell us that it is going to get worse before it gets better, ultimately before Christ comes back.”

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