Giant sinkhole swallows homes just miles from World Cup 2014 stadium


The edge of the crater in Natal, four miles (6.5km) from the Arena das Dunas stadium

(SOURCE)  A giant sinkhole has opened up just miles away from one of Brazil’s leading World Cup stadiums – swallowing people’s homes.

Hundreds of residents were evacuated when the hole opened up in Natal, a short drive away from the Dunas Arena which is hosting several matches at Brazil 2014.

There are no reports of deaths, but AP says the hole is continuing to widen with the area experiencing heavy rainfall in the last few days.

Giant sinkhole opens up near World Cup stadium

The sinkhole has destroyed homes and businesses (Picture: AP)

Footage from the edge of the crater shows houses on the verge of collapse, while some other local businesses have been destroyed, along with cars and bikes.

Fifa is yet to comment on the issue but Tuesday’s Group D clash between Italy and Uruguay, which is due to be played at the Dunas Arena, is expected to kick-off as planned.