Suspected shooter in custody after gunfire erupts in downtown Vancouver

A police vehicle with a smashed back window is parked next to Telus World of Science after a shootout Tuesday morning. What appears to be a pool of blood can be seen behind the vehicle. June 10, 2014. (CTV/Chopper 9)

(SOURCE)  A man, a police officer and a suspected gunman are all in hospital after a brazen shooting in Vancouver’s Yaletown neighbourhood led to a firefight near Telus World of Science Tuesday morning.

Gunfire first erupted outside a busy Starbucks at Davie Street and Marinaside Crescent around 11:40 a.m. A man suffered serious gunshot wounds and was rushed from the scene by paramedics.

Several people on the high-traffic downtown street witnessed the daylight shooting, including a man who told CTV News he watched two men pull out guns and start firing at a third person.

“We saw two individuals, one dressed in all black and one dressed in a suit with glasses, pull out two handguns,” he said.

After the shooting, police pursued a man to the area around Telus World of Science, a family attraction located several kilometres away down Vancouver’s seawall. A shootout took place outside the building.

“There was an exchange of gunfire that resulted in both the man and an officer being injured,” police spokesman Sgt. Randy Fincham said.

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  1. I have to say this, I sure hope and Pray it does not offend anyone!! “GUNS DO NOT KILL PEOPLE” “PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE”!! My late father was a NRA Instructor and Teacher, so, I learned at an early age that “GUNS are NOT TOYS”!!

    There are too many people that Should NOT have Guns, and I think it is the Mentally Unstable that Should NOT HAVE them!! I Own a gun in my house and it is Loaded Safely in a Safe place!!

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