Give thanks on Memorial Day Weekend


Commentary By:  Gordon King

Let us not forget those who have gone before us in battle, in order to give us the peace, freedom, and opportunity to exist as a God-fearing nation.  Those who gave their lives for us, so that we may have a better life. 

I thank God for such men and women of our armed forces.  Let us honor them with dignity, respect, and thanksgiving.  Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.  Our nation, America, was founded under God, with Godly principles.  Let us not forget.

Give thanks to those who gave their lives for us, for those who now serve us, and for all those who have served us.  Without such individuals, America would never have existed.  Period!

So the next time you voice your opinion, practice your religion, vote your mind, or challenge the opinion of an elected official, remember that it was these individuals who made it all possible.  They have protected our constitution, our freedoms, and our liberties.

May God bless all of the service men and women who have gone before us.  Amen

Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend.  God Bless my friends!

4 thoughts on “Give thanks on Memorial Day Weekend

  1. I once knew a man of honor, who many could look up to. He knew how to lead so you wanted to follow, and to him many drew. A righteous outstanding man with unspoken morals, and family values, and brotherhood he knew. With God in his heart he proved freedom

  2. How right you are… God Bless Our Military both the living and the deceased! Every generation fought for these freedoms!
    Lets say a prayer for each and everyone of these brave men and women. AND a great “Thank you”! May the Good Lord keep the living save and out of harms way so they may return safely home. And awaken the deceased when the last trumpet blows!
    For Jesus IS coming soon! Praise be to God.

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