Outbreak in Ohio adds to 18-year high of measles cases in U.S.

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California hit hard by Measles outbreak

(CNN) — Sixty-eight and counting.

An outbreak of measles in Ohio has infected 68 people, adding to what is already an 18-year high of measles cases in the United States.

That’s disturbing news for health professionals. The contagious infectious disease was considered eliminated in the United States in 2000.

The outbreak in Ohio began with unvaccinated travelers to the Philippines, the state’s Department of Health said Monday.

Philippines is experiencing a very large measles outbreak; at least 20,000 confirmed and suspected cases have been reported in the Asian nation.

California, another state also reporting a high number of measles cases this year, said its outbreak also resulted from people visiting the Philippines.

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4 thoughts on “Outbreak in Ohio adds to 18-year high of measles cases in U.S.

  1. I worry about my kids and my grandkids. My grandkids who have not been in the world so long at all I believe should be baptized asap. My kids, who dont believe a word I say about Bible Prophecy, I wish I could save, but can only pray for. Only Jesus Saves

  2. I am not a Catholic, so I do not believe that you must be baptized in water for salvation. If they are not yet of the age of understanding, then they belong to God. Once they reach that age, it is up to them to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. What age is that exactly? Only God knows for sure.
    You are right, all we can really do is pray for them. Which in and of itself is very powerful, we must not underestimate the power of prayer.
    God Bless Torie.

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