Syrian chemical weapons use backed-up by second investigations

One of the chlorine gas canister munitions photographed in Kafr Zita

One of the chlorine gas canister munitions photographed in Kafr Zita  Photo: DANIELE RAINERI

Syria’s use of chemical weapons in Kafr Zita, as revealed by The Telegraph, has been further confirmed by two separate subsequent enquiries

(SOURCE)   Two new and independent investigations have confirmed the use by the Syrian regime of chlorine gas to attack civilians in rebel-held areas, backing up the first clear evidence that was produced by The Telegraph last month.

Chlorine gas canister munitions have been photographed at the sites where tests conducted by The Telegraph demonstrated that the Assad regime had conducted gas attacks on civilians.

Daniele Raneri, a reporter for Italy’s Il Foglio, visited the town of Kafr Zita on Monday and took a series of photographs of the Chinese-made munitions that contained chlorine gas and were dropped from government helicopters on April 13.

Markings on one of the casings (DANIELE RAINERI)

Meanwhile reporters from the German magazine Der Spiegel managed to reach the affected area and interviewed doctors who treated victims of the attack, as well as a survivor who described seeing the cloud of yellow gas approaching the nearby town of Al-Tamanah, and its effects. After hours in hospital Abu Abda said he was still coughing blood and could barely move.

The accounts corroborate eyewitness reports given to The Telegraph last month, as well as scientific testing of soil samples which revealed the presence of high concentrations of chlorine and ammonia.

Hundreds of people – many of them children – were wounded in a spate of at least eight attacks over two weeks last month. There have been 10 attacks in Idlib province in recent months, with unconfirmed reports of a further two last week.

At least six people fatally succumbed to the gas, including two children. Six-year-old Mahmud, and his half sister 16-year-old Maryuma died slow deaths when the gas formed hydrochloric acid in their lungs. It scourged and burned their alveoli, until their breathing organs filled with liquid, essentially drowning them.

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