Kill ‘all’ Jews, Hamas TV host urges kids

Palestinian child told to punch Jews and ‘turn their faces into tomatoes in order to liberate Palestine’

(SOURCE)   A children’s show on Al-Aqsa TV, the official Hamas-run television channel broadcasting from Gaza, broadcast a segment calling for the mass killing of Jews.

In a clip of the kids’ TV show “The Pioneers of Tomorrow,” broadcast on May 2 and uploaded Thursday by the MEMRI media watchdog, the host of the program, a young girl in a hijab, interviews two very young children, one of whom says she hopes to be a police officer like her uncle Ahmad.

 The host asks what policemen do, and, after establishing that they catch criminals, adds that “they shoot Jews, right?” and stresses to her young guest that “you want to be like him.”

“I will shoot the Jews!” the little child says.

“All of them?” the host asks.

“Yes,” the girl says

“Good,” the host answers.

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  1. ..And many, not all, American Kids, who being born in a Christian/Judeo Founded Free Society are blinded and ignorant to their blessings of upbringing in belief, forgiveness values, peace in their homeland, honor of what their elders taught them, etc.,..

  2. …many American kids are so unappreciative of the values theyve been blessed with by just being born in America, and by having the opportunity to explore what being a Christian means! They dont appreciate their parents, forefathers, or The Bible! Idiotic

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