The point of no return!

Commentary by:  Gordon King

America is on a downfall, a downward spiral in terms of morals and values.  The once cherished beliefs and patriotism which built this nation are now thought of as evil and demoralizing.  “Political Correctness” is the term of the day.  Acceptance and tolerance of everything imaginable is now being accepted as the new moral standard in America.

Rejection of this view-point labels you as an outsider, a trouble maker, and Un-American.  We shall see in the near future, as we are now beginning to see, the intolerant views and attitudes towards such people.  For example Christian Americans.  If you are a Christian American and hold to your beliefs, then you shall be persecuted for your faith.  You are labeled as a trouble maker, a rebel, and a danger to the government and society at large.

There is a danger in this other than the obvious, that Christians will be persecuted.  The other danger is the judgment of America.  America is quickly heading into the abyss.  The depths of which we have never known.  Remember Sodom and Gomorrah?  They did not escape God’s punishment upon them, neither shall we.

As a country founded on the principles of God Almighty, with God leading the pack, America has been a truly blessed nation.  But, as time has gone by, as sin has increased, as our government has not only pushed God aside, but has pushed Him out of political and public life, we are setting ourselves up for disaster.  It would have been better for us not to have placed our trust and faith in Him in the first place, then to have pushed Him away as we have done.

My question is: “Have we passed the point of no return?”  Is God so angered with us that his judgment upon us is inevitable?  My opinion is that we have not reached that point yet.  There is still time to change.  To accept God back into our government, and our society.  To repent of our sins and beg God for His mercy and forgiveness upon us.  This is the only way.  We must accept our creator and trust in Him and Him alone.  But our time is short.  We are falling quickly with no end in sight.

2 Chronicles 7:14

14 “if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

We must all ask our Father in heaven to forgive us, repent of our sins and the sins of our nation, and accept Him as the one and only God of our lives and country.  We must pray for our political leaders and countrymen and women who have pushed God out of their lives.  We must pray for the softening of their hearts, for their enlightenment of the truth, and for their salvation through Jesus Christ.  It is the only way my friends, the only way!

God Bless!


15 thoughts on “The point of no return!

  1. I believe we passed the point of ‘no return’ once same-sex marriage was accepted and made law. Now we just pray and await our fate that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrha. God will not be mocked and he dealt with S&G so He will surely deal with America. We as Christians, just need to pray and look up for our redemption draweth nigh.

  2. Thank You for all your support out there! May all Christians who hold to truth just Pray, Pray, Pray, and turn their attention and hearts to God! Please! May God have Mercy on his children. Christians, remember the children and grandchildren, please pray!

  3. How true and how sad. A social Christian Nation has become pagan because we have ignored God’s laws (heaven’s code of ethics.) People are scared to open their Bibles and see for themselves the truth. The Bible is not fables written by the imagination of men but by God’s inspiration to men of faith. It’s a jigsaw puzzle to be searched (what you are reading – elsewhere in the book) and put together. The Holy Scriptures interprets itself, if we truly come to it without any preconceive ideas of our own (an open mind, with prayer and a desire to learn.)
    What is sin? no one seems to know it’s the transgression of God’s law. While there are many problems on earth it is NOT because of God but because of sin. As we humans reject God and his laws this rejection brings the consequences of sin upon us. Make no mistake we are being judged. Yet it astounds me when I state this, how my own family tells me I’m crazy to think this way… I pray often for their awakening to the truth.. Just look around us, what’s happening to planet earth not just our country. It doesn’t take a rock scientist to know something is deeply wrong with society… The prophecies are coming true in OUR life time. The sooner we wake up, peace will be in our hearts among all this chaos. Faith in Jesus Christ IS our only way out of this mess. Prayer is a wonderful thing, pray with sincerity and often. Keep the faith. Eternity is in the balance, Jesus won, those who believe will be going home soon. Praise be to God!

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  5. Yes, because of abiding by the moral and ethical code of the bible, Christians are also the new class of “haters”. We are designated “haters’ of all those who participate in what God calls sin, simply because we have an opinion that reflects Gods values and morals. What this culture of evil and sin wants to do it to totally shut up the “haters’ and not have any opposition to their evil at all. I used to believe that there was a ray of hope for America turning back to God, repenting and changing and humbly becoming obedient to the God of the bible. But not any more, I believe the trip is off for America, the blessed journey has ended, God no longer smiles on this land because of its evil and wickedness, we have gone beyond the point of no return. In the last 50 years this nation has sought to entertain itself and has done so and gone unrestrained until there is wholesale moral rot on movies and television, we have entertained ourselves to moral death. Public schools no longer educate our children, they cage them up and protect them from expressing anything about God, the bible and morality. Death by abortion happens every day to the tune of about 3500 unborn. Our nations leadership has lost its bearing compass to lead our nation which we once proclaimed was Under God but no longer. I could go on not to mention Americans being the largest illegial drug using population in the world, America being the host to the largest production in mass of the worst sorts of porno in the world, Everyday mass violence and the destruction of the family by divorce. It is truly tragic what has happened to America, If you are a professing born again Christian, then hold on to Jesus because if He doesn’t come soon things are really going to get rough for all us “haters” and we are going to need every bit of His grace and protection to get through.

  6. We passed the point of ‘no return’ when same sex marriage was made into law and accepted. We are now a sodom and Gomorrah nation. All we can do is pray that God will have mercy on the few God-fearing remaining in our nation.

  7. Amen SweetJava! Prayer is a very powerful tool we Christians are equipped with. Yet I fear that many of us are under utilizing it.

  8. Thank you Ethin! Our nation has definitely turned the wrong corner my friend. No doubt in my mind. Keep the faith and keep on praying. God Bless!

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  10. I totally agree with you. Ethin.
    “We do nothing that people might object to, so as not to bring discredit on our function as God’s servants. Instead, we prove we are servants of God by great fortitude in times of suffering, in times of hardship and distress; when we are flogged, or sent to prison, or mobbed; when laboring, sleepless, starving. We prove we are God’s servants by our purity, knowledge, patience and kindness; by a spirit of holiness, by love free affection; by the word of truth and by the power of God; by being armed with the weapons of righteousness in the right hand and in the left prepared for honor or disgrace, for blame or praise…” 2 Cor.6:3-8 The Lord is always with us. Amen!

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