‘Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus’ Author Says Muslims Risk Everything to Follow Christ

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

Zondervan Publishers
In his new book “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus,” Nabeel Qureshi tells the story of his conversion from Islam to Christianity, in the style of a mystery thriller.

By Tyler O’Neil , (Christian Post Reporter)

A new autobiography tells the conversion story of a Western Muslim who risked everything to become a born-again Christian. The book reads like a murder-mystery novel, in which a committed follower of Muhammad researches the historic facts of Islam and Christianity to find the truth about Jesus Christ.

Nabeel Qureshi

Nabeel Qureshi     (Screenshot: Zondervan Publishers/YouTube)

“It is no understatement to say that Muslims often risk everything to embrace the cross,” writes Nabeel Qureshi in his new book, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity.

Those who leave Islam for Christianity are cut off from their families and friends, may face death (the hadith, second only to the Quran in determining Muslim law, orders Muslims to kill apostates), and risk eternal damnation for the “only one unforgivable sin, shirk, the belief that someone other than Allah is God.”

Qureshi devised a litmus test for Christianity and Islam, in that, if it could be proved that Jesus died on the cross, rose from the dead and claimed to be God, the case for Christianity would be strong. During this process, he also analyzed his beliefs in the pillars of Islam, and the teachings of Mohammed and the Quran.

Raised a devout Muslim, Qureshi believed that Jesus did not actually die on the cross, but only appeared to be dead, and was resuscitated from the tomb three days later.

Islam also teaches that Jesus did not claim to be God, but that the Bible was altered after the fact to make it seem like he did.

Qureshi said his father always asserted that, “It’s not possible that Jesus died on the cross. … He was beloved of God, and he cried out to be saved.”

His Christian friends, however, debunked the Islamic view of Jesus and set out to prove that He did, in fact, die on the cross and was resurrected three days later.

“The disciples went from being afraid of associating with Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane to being willing to die for proclaiming Him the Risen Lord,” Qureshi’s friend, Mike, told him, adding that a broken and barely living resuscitated Jesus could not have inspired such a transformation in his disciples. The sources attest to Jesus’ death, he asserted, noting that “there’s no contradiction to the contrary, not for a long time.”

“Scholars are virtually unanimous: the death of Jesus on the cross is among the surest facts in history,” Mike shared.

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