Severe Weather Outbreak, Including a Tornado Threat, Begins Thursday In the Ohio Valley, Southeast

Thursday Threat

(SOURCE)    With a major pattern shift in the works bringing warmer weather to the central and eastern U.S., an outbreak of severe thunderstorms is now looming starting Thursday – even in areas that still have snow on the ground now.

A very strong low-pressure system will bring a large area of very strong winds just above the ground overnight into early morning Thursday over the central U.S., spreading east on Thursday afternoon. The system will also pull warm, moist, unstable air north from the Gulf of Mexico. These elements will set the stage for an outbreak of severe thunderstorms.

The greatest threat for severe weather develops Thursday and continues into Thursday evening in the Ohio Valley, mid to lower Mississippi Valley, and the western Gulf Coast states.

The main threat from thunderstorms will be damaging winds. However, a few tornadoes will be possible, both embedded within the squall line of severe storms, as well as in any discrete cells that can form ahead of the line, particularly Thursday afternoon and evening from southern Indiana to northern Mississippi and northern Alabama.

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3 thoughts on “Severe Weather Outbreak, Including a Tornado Threat, Begins Thursday In the Ohio Valley, Southeast

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  2. Where is our nation headed??, where is it going? We have become obese, obsessed, violent, and proud and pagan. We are without leaders who will stand with Israel, We are without biblical morals to guide our actions, God is even shutting up the rains from heaven. Yes! contrary to what well educated people believe, rain does come as a blessing from God. I’ve been trying to consider what it will take to revive or awaken our nation, I think our nation may seek revival and awake to Christ after once the rapture of the church has occurred.

    • I am not certain that this is from God for sinful nature, but I do know that God does control the weather. It is very probable that this is a message from the Lord, a warning sign.

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