Cruise worker admits raping, beating ship passenger, attempted to throw overboard

(SOURCE)  A cruise worker has confessed to beating and raping a passenger in her stateroom over a purported slight, after which the worker tried to throw her overboard, federal investigators say.


Ketut Pujayasa, 28, an Indonesian citizen, was arrested and charged with the attack, which happened on a Holland America Line cruise ship that had departed from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., on Feb. 9 for a seven-day Caribbean cruise.

The victim, a 31-year-old American, was flown by air ambulance to south Florida, according to the Sun Sentinel newspaper, which obtained court records detailing Pujayasa’s purported confession. Her condition was not clear, but the company said in a statement to the Los Angeles Times that she had been “stabilized” in the ship’s hospital before her evacuation.

Pujayasa, a room attendant, told FBI agents that he wanted to punish the woman for offending him and his parents by saying, “Wait a minute, son of a bitch!” when he knocked on her door, the documents said.

He waited until he went off duty, entered the woman’s empty room and waited for her to return, then began choking and punching her, according to the documents.

Pujayasa also hit the woman with a laptop computer and a curling iron and tried to silence her by strangling her with a phone cord and a curling iron cord, the documents say.

He tried to throw the woman over the balcony of her room under cover of darkness, but someone began knocking on her door, the documents say, forcing him to flee without his pants, climbing from balcony to balcony to escape.

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