35-Y-O Man, Chandre Oraon, With Tail Growing From Back Being Worshipped as a God

Chandre Oraon

Chandre Oraon, 35, is being worshipped as a monkey-god Hanuman in West Bengal, India because of a tail growing from his back.    (Photo: Screen Grab via Barcroft TV)

Wants to Build Himself a Temple

(SOURCE)  A 35-year-old tea picker from West Bengal, India, with a tail growing from the base of his spine since birth is now being worshipped as a god by hundreds of followers.

“Many people come to me. Some even from far off places. They feel that I am God Hanuman. My tail is good for me,” said Chandre Oraon, the man with the tail, in a Barcroft TV interview.

Hanuman, according to pantheon.org, is one of three major Hindu gods with animalistic features. The monkey-like god is very popular in North India and is said to have a potent effect in warding off evil. People believe Chandre is a reincarnation of Hanuman.

“We believe that Chandre is an incarnation of Hanuman. They say he was born on the day of the Holy Hanuman ritual. So we have faith in him. My brother’s son has been very unwell and has fever. We have been giving him medicine but it hasn’t helped. So we came to Chandre to seek his blessings,” said Monika Lakda.

Chandre’s uncle, Baldev Ram, said his nephew’s powers are now well-known among people who have reportedly been blessed by him.

“People who have faith in him often see the benefits. Their wishes are fulfilled, even diseases are healed,” said Ram.

The monkey god’s life, however, has not always been one of deity worship.

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