California Drought cuts into state’s hydro power supplies

A sparse amount of snowfall on the Sierra Nevada Mountains surrounds the low levels of water at the Union Valley Reservoir in El Dorado County Monday January 27, 2014 . The drought is affecting hydroelectric supplies – usually about 15 percent of the state’s total. SMUD and other electric utilities are scrambling to put contingencies in place, and while it appears the state will get through the peak summer season, utility executives are praying for rain like everyone else. “We do not have a forecast for blackouts this summer as a result of the drought. It doesn’t mean we’re not keeping a close eye on it,” said Stephanie McCorkle of the California Independent System Operator, which runs the transmission grid.     Paul Kitagaki Jr./

(SOURCE)  Never mind the restrictions on watering your lawn. The drought is drying up California’s supply of hydroelectricity, prompting SMUD and other utilities around the state to scramble.

With summer’s peak electricity demand season looming, officials who oversee California’s power supply say they don’t expect blackouts but are getting nervous about the meager snowpack. Few states rely on hydro as much as California, where water accounts for about 15 percent of the total power supply in a normal year.

“We are certainly concerned,” said spokeswoman Stephanie McCorkle of the Independent System Operator, which runs the California transmission grid. “We do not have a forecast for blackouts this summer as a result of the drought. It doesn’t mean we’re not keeping a close eye on it.”


5 thoughts on “California Drought cuts into state’s hydro power supplies

  1. This drought is the BIG ONE HERE IN CALIFORNIA folks, IT IS OF THE MOST SERIOUS CONCERN AND SHOULD BE. if this continues, our state will turn into a desert wasteland, what are 35 million or possibly as many as 50 million people in 5 states going to do without water and electricity. I don’t have a good feeling about this at all, we had better be praying and praying hard for God’s mercy for rain or the trip is off. Thank God some churches In Calif, Nev. and Idaho and Colo. are beginning to pray. I have read reports about the history of droughts in the southwest and records show that it has not been uncommon for a 150 year drought such as happened in 850-1000 a.d. You and I can’t even imagine the ramifications of severe water rationing or no water, or no Las Vegas. Water is the total economy of California, if the water dries up, and it is, then everything goes. Water is the first line of defense for a healthy people and social order. Everything from disposing of our body waste to the showering of our bodies will be affected. Who can imagine going more than a few days without a shower? Not having clean water to fill the toilet. Millions of dehydrated thirsty people bordering on kidney failure would pose an unimaginable horrific health crisis. A human body must have water in order to digest food. The clothes we wear must washed. How would hospitals and health clinics operate without water? Everybody, everything, everywhere, every residence and every business enterprise will be affected, no one will escape. Without water for hygene, we will begin to look like a sick poverty stricken third world country over night. Hollywood the place that has influenced the whole world for immorality and violence for over 100 years will not escape. Even the San Franando valley which has produced and distributed more pornography than any other place on earth will not escape. Even Disneyland which is the biggest named endorser of open homosexuality to our children will not escape. The golf courses filled with Sunday golfers will not escape. Millions of green lawns will go brown dry and die. Millions of backyard swimming pools will become green swill for mosquitos to hatch. Personally, I’m sensing that it is already too late to turn back to water normalcy. You may say that I paint negative picture about all this, I’ll say, yes this is true and so also is 3400 murders of the unborn in their mothers worm every day in our country without any just recompense for the horrific amount of bloodguilt on our land. I’m asking for everyone to humble themselves and pray, seek God’s face, repent and turn from our wicked ways, and just maybe God will have mercy and send Jesus to bring in His kingdom on earth. If you thought that I was asking you to pray for rain, no not of first importance, pray for Jesus to come, this is of first importance. For what would it profit a person if he gained all the water in the world and lost his own soul. We need Jesus!

  2. Reservoirs in Calif. are at about 60 percent of average and falling as rainfall remains at record low levels. Mountain snowpack is about 12 percent of normal for this time of year. Gov. Brown is urging the state’s 38 million residents to conserve and warning that mandatory restrictions are possible.
    California gets most of its rain in December, January and February. Los Angeles, which normally gets almost 15 inches (38 centimeters) of rain a year, got less than 4 inches in 2013, according to the National Weather Service. San Francisco, where 22 inches is typical, got 6.
    We are in an unprecedented and very serious situation,” Brown said Jan. 17, when he declared a statewide drought emergency.

  3. You’re right Ethin. I was mainly thinking about the lack of water for food production and hydration, but we need water for a myriad of daily needs.

    I am not so sure why the drought? Maybe God is withholding the water due to the sinful nature of people in the region? A sign for people to wake up and know that God is real and calling their attention.

    We need prayer brother, yes indeed! We need to pray for the lost souls to repent and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior! Like you said, the water is of secondary importance. God Bless!

  4. I can’t say if this drought is God’s judgment or not, but if it is the normal long term weather pattern of droughts then the human population is coming into grave jeapordy. If this is God’s judgment then there is every justification for it as I stated previously because of sin. We must remember that up until about 1800 there was hardly nobody living in Southern California. The whole water ecosystem is a false one because the water is piped in from the north delta of Sacramento and the Colorado river. If it wasn’t for these two outside sources there still would not be many people living in Southern Calif. because it would be a parched and dry desert most of the time.

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