Moscow school shooting: Policeman, teacher killed, hostages released

RIA Novosti/Maxim Blinov

RIA Novosti/Maxim Blinov

February 03, 2014

(SOURCE)    Moscow police have confirmed that a policeman and a teacher were killed as a young man with a rifle took children hostages at a city school. The gunman, who is reportedly a high school student, has been detained, police said.

According to Lifenews, the gunman, Sergey Gordeev, was a straight-A student who had a conflict with the school’s 37-year-old geography teacher, Andrey Kirillov.

“I need the geography teacher,” Sergey said, threatening the security guard with a rifle and a hunting gun.

“He shot the teacher in the stomach, checked whether he was alive, and then carried out a control shot to his head,” the student’s classmate told Lifenews.

The security guard managed to call the police.

When they arrived, he showed the officers to the classroom, and the high school student opened fire at them, killing an officer and wounding another one, Kommersant newspaper reported.

37-year-old geography teacher, Andrey Kirillov (Photo from

37-year-old geography teacher, Andrey Kirillov (Photo from

The gunman took hostage over 20 teenagers aged 15, releasing most of them soon afterward, according to police.

Kommersant FM reported that the incident was caused by a conflict between the student and the geography teacher. The student was due to graduate with honors, but reportedly thought that the teacher had tried to interfere with his graduation.

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  1. Satan roams about seeking whom he may devour, violence fills the whole earth. What a shame for these little ones to experience the results of violence at such a young age. Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus, my heart longs to see you , the world is an empty and evil place, come Lord reveal your day to the nations and bring in your peace and righteous rule. O Lord make thyself known to the earth, we languish, we have gone astray chasing the vain and empty things. The whole earth reals to and fro like a drunkard, it is under sway of the evil one. Thou Lord will come and set at right the things that are good and cast out to the ends the things that are bad. I desire to see heaven, see the perfect and righteous One, no more fear on the faces of the little ones, no more anxiety over the threats of violence, only joy, peace, gladness, worship, and love. O Lord open the pit to the lake of fire that burns with fire and brimstone and cast the devil and his demons into it, cover it over for all eternity so that their influences of death and destruction will never be seen again. Bless and protect your people for the power of the gospel, for the help of the weak and for the going forth of the salvation of the lost. Please Lord send laborers into the harvest worldwide to bring in the last sheaves of the harvest into your safekeeping. Give us discerning ears O Lord to keenly sense the closeness of your appearing for your church your bride. Let us not sleep but stay and watch ever expecting to hear the sound of the trump and the voice of the arc angel, to see your glorious light appear and reap the harvest of the church of your saints. Glory be your name Jesus, for it is your name that is above all names, to you every knee will bow and confess that You are Lord. Bring your ruling secptre to Jerusalem, let all the nations know that you are Messiah, King, and Eternal God, Holy, righteous and pure and just are you Lord Jesus, may the whole earth be filled with thy Glory. I confess with my mouth that You are Lord and believe in my heart that God hath raised you from the dead. Your blood has washed away all my sins, your suffering has given my life peace and your death has substituted for mine, your resurrection is for my justification, I claim nothing of my own in life except my sin and depravity and only that by your Grace I am saved through faith in the Faithful One whose name is above all names, “Jesus” God is my salvation, my strength and my hope. My arms spread wide and willing for you to satisfy me with your appearing, nothing in all the earth is of more value than you, not all the gold, money, pleasure, or comforts. Cast off, cast off all of me that is not desirous of you, flood me inwardly and outwardly with your Holy presence, make thyself known in a powerful sense of your near presence. Only in you Lord is safety and security, power and wisdom belong to You. To You Jesus be all glory, power, praise, wisdom, and riches, in You and none other is life eternal, for “whosoever believeth in You shall not perish but have eternal life” You have gone away to prepare a place for your saints but you will complete each room soon and will not tarry long, even so come now quickly Lord Jesus

  2. The altogether lovely One will soon appear and where He will take us there will be no more war or violence, only in His presence we will delight in praising Him for evermore.

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