Why Persecution?

Christian persecutionCommentary by:  Gordon King

The church of Jesus Christ is to be persecuted by an unbelieving world.  A world full of evil and violence.  As Christians and a part of the church, we shall be persecuted.  We shall be hated by the world. 

The world hates the truth, because the truth hurts and convicts us of our sins.  No one desires to be told that what they are doing is wrong, and to be told they should change their ways and their beliefs.  It just doesn’t feel good. 

So when Christians tell the world that they are sinning and should change their ways, of course there will be resistance and hatred towards them. 

I used to think that because I was being attacked and persecuted, maybe I should stop doing what I am doing.  But then again, is what I am doing for the Lord?  If it is then this should be expected right?

The Lord has guided me into specific ministries for Him.  He has guided me, counseled me, and helped me along my path.  He has provided the means and the way.  It is Him who leads me to do His will.  Therefore I must stay the course and finish the race no matter what the obstacles are.

Being persecuted for your belief in God is not easy.  It requires strong faith, courage, patience and perseverance.  Without these you will almost surely fall away.  You must remember that it’s God who provides, God who gives us faith, courage, patience and perseverance. 

The pain and suffering Christians undergo for their beliefs in Jesus Christ is difficult to endure, but is necessary.  It’s a sacrifice that we make for and to the Lord.  If we live for God and do not suffer persecution for it, then what glory does it bring to God?  If we suffer persecution for our faith in God, this brings Him glory and honor.  Difficult to understand, and many Christians may not agree with me, however, I believe it to be true in my spirit and in my soul.

For God’s children to suffer for Him is our sacrifice to Him, as He sacrificed Jesus for us.  It’s an act of love, faith, and selflessness.  It demonstrates to God what’s in our hearts, our souls and our minds.  Sure he knows already, but he wants us to show Him and demonstrate it to Him.  Just like with prayer, He already knows what we are thinking, but He wants us to tell Him.  He wants us to bow down and pour our hearts out to Him. 

By undergoing persecution we are worshiping our Lord and Savior.  We are showing Him how much we love Him and trust Him. 

May God bless you and guide you along your path!

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