Is Obama paving the way for the Anti-Christ?

U.S. President Barack Obama steps off Marine One after landing on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, January 15, 2014.    (Photo: REUTERS/Larry Downing)

Experts Weigh in on Robert Jeffress’ Remarks That Obama’s Policies ‘Pave the Way’ for Antichrist

Dr. Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church of Dallas continues to garner attention for his view that President Barack Obama’s policies will lead to the rise of the Antichrist.

As Jeffress gathers headlines from media online and offline, a couple biblical scholars have weighed in on the controversial claim.

Dr. Darrell Bock, senior research professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary, told The Christian Post that “one always has to be careful about such claims.”

“Believers are to keep watch and be alert, but given the poor track record of such predictions, I am very hesitant to make such points. So one has to be careful in making any such associations,” said Bock.

“More problematic is that the USA is not mentioned directly anywhere in Scripture. We only have generic descriptions of how the world acts and conducts its business.”

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4 thoughts on “Is Obama paving the way for the Anti-Christ?

  1. 55 million estimated abortions since roe vs wade and our president is pro abortion, pro late term and post birth abortion, there is a horrible amount of blood guilt on our land like an amount that would even flow to the horses bridle, this is unsustainable, an entire working class tax paying population executed like genocide from their mothers womb. Time is about to run out on our nation, anyone living in the deception of permanency in our time is deluded, things are about to change big time and permanently. As importantly our president is pro Palestinian state divided from Israeli land, this one folks is going to do us in. Almighty God will not tolerate this blatent offense against His land and people. May the gospel be preached all across our nation loud and clear for the reaping of the final harvest of the redeemed.

  2. barack Obama could very well be the anti-Christ himself and to think that he isn’t could be dangerous, there is no where in the bible that speaks of a forerunner or someone paving the way form this Man,,The Son of perdition.

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