Ours is to love, have mercy, and share the truth! Amen

Love mercy truthCommentary by:  Gordon King

The world is full of hate, violence and evil.  Wickedness abounds, and the love of many is lost. 

We as Christians need to show our love to a hurting world.  To shine our light in the darkness.   To dwell among the unbelievers in righteousness, mercy and forgiveness!  With a kind spirit and a humble heart.

Condemning the lost is not our calling as Christians, let us show mercy, kindness and love with a meek and gentle spirit.

We all are sinners, we were all lost at some point in time.  Only by the grace of God are we found worthy to be saved from eternal damnation.  Yet we are still sinners!  There is not one among us who is perfect.

Let us not be the judges of the world, for it is God who will judge both the righteous and the wicked.  It is God who will take vengeance, not us.

It is the Spirit of God who dwells within us, a spirit of love, kindness, mercy and forgiveness. 

The spirit of condemnation, judgement, and hatred is not of God.  Let us not get caught up in the evil of this world.  Let us remember who we are, and most importantly who has saved us and what He has done for us.

We should all be growing in our faith and knowledge of the Lord, I know that I am and it’s a long journey which will not end until I meet my maker in heaven.  I make mistakes, sometimes change my viewpoints, and while I am still growing in spirit and truth, I am still a sinner.  I have much growing to do, I’m a long, long way from being anything remotely close to what Christ was and is like today.  In fact, without Him I am nothing and would not amount to anything!

I pray for God to make me more humble, to enlighten me with His wisdom and knowledge.  I pray for encouragement, love, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  I pray for God and those that I have sinned against to forgive me.  Amen

We should also pray not only for the Christians and the unbelievers around the world, but also for the politicians who govern our lives.  Let us pray for their wisdom, direction, humility, and guidance from the Holy Spirit.  Let us pray for God to soften their hearts, show them the truth, and lead them down the path of righteousness.  Amen

I believe that our time on this planet is short.   What we choose to do with that time is up to us.    This is not the time for believers to come against one another, but a time to help a hurting world.  To reach the lost, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, and love with open arms.

Before we condemn, before we criticize, let us stop, take a step back, be patient, and speak to the Lord.  Let us listen to what He has to tell us.  What would Jesus do?

May God bless you, protect you, and enlighten you with His wisdom.  Amen



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  1. When we received Christ we also received a commission to preach the gospel. But let us carry out this assignment with a deep sense of humility. For this is well pleasing before The Lord. Share with me at dnarrowway.blogspot.com

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