One Step Closer to the Mark of the Beast?

Apple iPhone demo of fingerprint scan technology

An Apple employee, right, instructs a journalist on the use of the fingerprint scanner technology built into the company’s iPhone 5S during a media event held in Beijing, China, Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2013. (AP / Ng Han Guan)

Will 2014 be the beginning of the end for the password?

(SOURCE)   (Relaxnews)  In 2013 Apple took a big step towards popularizing biometric authentication with the fingerprint scanner in its latest iPhone, and now the stage is set for other companies to do the same thing.

The first FIDO-ready products will be revealed at this year’s International CES in January and could be in devices before the end of 2014.

The FIDO Alliance is a group of leading tech companies including Microsoft and Google that have come together to develop biometric alternatives to the password/ It’s a bid to keep consumers protected from the growing threats of cybercrime. The first fruits of their collective labors include voice recognition systems, fingerprint readers and eye scanners.

“In less than a year, FIDO Alliance specifications have enabled several of our members to produce some remarkable innovative authentication products,” said FIDO Alliance president, Michael Barrett.

“Participants at CES will benefit from hands-on experience of how open FIDO standards will work to enable truly novel strong authentication technologies. With FIDO specifications, users have a choice of devices and solutions that interoperate and make authentication easier to use, more secure and private,” Barrett said.

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