What will 2014 bring with it, besides “Blood-Red Moons”?

Blood Moon TetradCommentary by:  Gordon King

The year 2013 is coming to an end.  What a year it has been.  Meteor strikes, rare comets, solar flares, mass animal deaths, wars and rumors of wars, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, severe weather patterns, and sink holes, just to name some of what the world has encountered.  Bible prophecy has continued to unfold in the Middle East as nations gather momentum against Israel, Egyptians continue to battle brother against brother, the Syrian civil war continues to tear the country to pieces, and the African continent is riddled with the mass genocide of Christians!

The beginning of a New Year lies before us just days away.  What will 2014 bring our way?  What strange and unusual events will unfold before our eyes?  What bible prophecies will be fulfilled if any.  These are the questions that have been running through my mind lately.

As far as I know we are still in the path of Comet Ison’s tail.  Although it seems as though the comet has broken apart, we still have the debris field to pass through, or do we?  I don’t hear anything about Ison’s tail anymore.  What happened to the enormous debris field?  We’ve already seen very unusual asteroids hitting the earth (Russia for example), at which time we did not pass through the tail of a gigantic comet.  What will Comet Ison’s tail bring with it, or is it over with?

One very significant and rare event that even the secular world is now watching is the coming of the “Blood Moon Tetrad”!  These tetrads have historically been a sign of a very significant event to occur in the nation of Israel.  The first of these blood-red moons is to occur on Passover in April and the second on the Feast of Tabernacles in the Fall, then they will repeat themselves once again in 2015 on Passover and on the Feast of Tabernacles.

We shall see whats to come along with these “blood-red moons”.   But that ‘s not all we should be concerned with, as the United States has set a date for a “Peace Treaty” to be signed between Israel and the Palestinians in April, of all months.  During the same time as the first blood-red moon occurrence.

The nuclear disaster in Japan seems to be only getting worse as the days pass by.  Radiation continues to leak out into the oceans and the atmosphere.  The West coast of the United States is already being hit by the radiation.  Just how bad is this and how much worse will it get?  How will this radiation affect us and how soon?  These are questions that we should be asking.  I’m not sure if anyone knows, and if they do they are keeping quiet about it.

Christians in Africa are being slaughtered in mass.  Some of the world has woken up to this genocide and taken part in some sort of relief in the nation of CAR.  But is it enough, or is it too little too late?!

Muslim extremists continue to kill, murder and persecute without any easing up.  In fact I would argue that they are getting worse.  They are becoming more vocal, and more aggressive.  The world barely seems to even take notice.

Biblical prophecies are continuing to unfold.  Isaiah 17 – The destruction of Damascus, Isaiah 19 – Egyptians fighting against Egyptians, Zechariah 12 – I shall make Jerusalem a burdensome stone.  All of these prophecies are happening now, but not yet fulfilled.

The world is a very unstable place.  There is no sign of peace.  Biblical wars could very easily erupt at any time, the stage has already been set.  Civil unrest is present throughout the globe, people are hungry, they are afraid, and they are uneasy.

Natural disasters are inevitable.  From what we have seen in 2013, 2014 looks like it will be another year of unprecedented natural disasters as well.  From volcanic eruptions to earthquakes, from unstable weather patterns to floods and droughts.  Not to mention the increase in disease, pestilence and plagues.

We must pray for the protection and safety of all Christians throughout the globe.  We must unite as one body of Christ.  Let us love and encourage one another as believers in Jesus Christ.  Let us continue on our mission as saints and priests of the Most High God!

May the Lord bless you and guide you as we enter a New Year!  May we all stand together and unite as the body of Christ, as the bride of our Lord and Savior!  Amen

13 thoughts on “What will 2014 bring with it, besides “Blood-Red Moons”?

  1. Your’e spot on Gordon! you pretty well covered it.

    Since you asked, here is my 2cents worth,2014; From reading my bible,
    I see famines, pestilence, diseases, earthquakes in diverse places, the earth seeming to reel to and fro as a drunk person, men’s hearts failing them for fear and perplexities of nations.
    No tolerance for Christians and churches.
    The Gospel being preached in all nations bringing converts to Christ as a witness to all nations,
    This is the year that most prophetically see a worldwide economic collapse,
    I align with the top prophecy watchers seeing a nuclear war in the mid-east initiated by Iran which will have both regional and worldwide catastrophic effects. Israel will take offensive military measures to defend itself that will startle the whole world.
    Europe will fall to more and more Islamic population growth and demands.
    Islamic Jihad will manifest itself in more places with greater damage.
    Russia will continue to mass greater and greater military might and supply greater numbers of weapons to countries like Turkey, Syria, and Iran, and Palestinian terrorists.
    People in general will be eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, every thought and intent of the heart will be only evil continually.
    Sexual immorality, porno, and explicit sex will become more open and public, through prime time t.v.
    Public education will continue to decline in quality.
    The super-volcano in Yellowstone Montana will continue to rise or erupt.
    The U.S. must turn to God in order to survive as a Nation.

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  3. If you are truly sorry then you would not have said it! Period. Believe what you will, time will tell the truth, it always does.
    God Bless!

  4. An excellent reply, Joel. God bless you!

    I am preparing a YouTube presentation on this issue. We are truly approaching the “great and terrible day of the Lord”

    The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD.”” (Joel 2:31).

    Blessings to you and yours,


  5. This is an eye opener for the non believers. I thank GOD for all my brothers and sisters. As one body in CHRIST we will stand in the gap and pray for mercy on you Anonymous ..GOD BLESS YOU ALL…

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  7. This same article has been written millions of times … but THIS one is right.


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