Greg Laurie on Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, A&E Controversy

(Photo: Harvest Ministries)Phil Robertson (l) of A&E’s “Duck Dynasty” fame and Greg Laurie (r), founder of Harvest Ministries, at the Harvest SoCal event on Sunday, Aug. 25, 2013, in Anaheim, Calif.

What Is Being Asked of Christians Is Not Tolerance, But Acceptance and Endorsement of Sin

By Alex Murashko, Christian Post Reporter
December 20, 2013|5:10 am

Harvest Crusades evangelist Pastor Greg Laurie joined a growing number of Christian leaders speaking out against the suspension of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson from the popular A&E show for expressing traditional views – albeit in his blunt style – about homosexuality that were published in an interview story with GQ.

“It seems to me that some people who talk the most about tolerance are the most intolerant toward anyone who dares to disagree with their views,” Laurie, who also pastors Harvest churches in Southern California’s Riverside and Orange counties, stated in a blog posted on Thursday. “As Christians, we are not wanting to force our views on anyone. The fact is, we are, as a whole, tolerant of other people’s choices, even if we don’t agree with them. But what is being asked of us is not tolerance, but acceptance and endorsement of sin. We cannot do that.”

Phil Robertson, who mentioned homosexual behavior among a list of other sins, said Christians cannot judge whether someone is going to heaven or hell, and argued Christians should love those with same-sex attraction.

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4 thoughts on “Greg Laurie on Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, A&E Controversy

  1. I don’t want to ruffle the ducks feathers (pardon the pun) however our nation is on the verge of disaster, our economy is unsustainable, we are leaderless, lawless, immoral, unrighteous, we are racing towards disaster like the titanic just before it hit the iceberg. There is no mourning, confessing or contrition. “If my people will humble themselves and pray.”

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    Does phil think he is a profit like MIKE MURDOCK?..YES>>Phil IN NO WAY can change the way society is and has changed.It is a person choice.The fact that he is chasing flies with his bible is rediculous.They have tried to squeese marketing the duck calls to preaching gods word.Unfortunatly its A&Es fault.Time to shut them down SO WE CAN GO ON WITH OUR LIVES.I would imagine the only way to show these money grubbing Evangelists that they dont have a say.Its ONLY there opninion.THATS ALL IT IS.To me It laughable that he evan has an audiance by now.I am for stopping them.SHUTTING THEM UP.PUTTING an end to the RUN AWAY TRAIN.Please tweet me at JESUS CHRIST@GOD I LOVE MONEY to post your remark.I am surprised they havent made camo VIBRATORS for sale.They have pushed it to the limit.I am not a violent person.I am afraid that some one will get hurt when this bible is released.Then they will have blood on there hands.WE dont need to go down that route but it needs to be addressed before his money grubbing version comes out.These people truly dont have a clue other then to count dollars.So again please tweet me your opinion and if you read this and can post this some where so others can voice there opinion maybe we can put an end to this self made profit$$$$ of god.Why does he need so much money?.A&E ITS YOUR FAULT ..when the law suits come in your name will be on it too..I dont have the funds to put on a protest near the duck company and any treaspassers I am sure will be arrested. I am sure of that.The only way out is to buy a piece of property next to theres and put a big sign on our trucks,billboards.ANUS OR VAGINA TONIGHT HONEY?I AWAIT YOUR POSTS AND SUPPORT.and for gods sake STOP GIVING THEM YOUR MONEY.They will take it and you will feel no better the next day.Its a scam OPEN YOUR EYES THEY WANT YOUR MONEY.Friend me on face book

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