It’s not an attack on Phil Robertson, but on Christianity!

Commentary by:  Gordon King

One of the top news stories this week has been the suspension of Phil Robertson from the hit television show “Duck Dynasty”.

It all started when Mr. Robertson was interviewed by GQ magazine.  Phil made some comments about his faith and beliefs regarding homosexuality. 

After the interview was made public, the A&E network suspended him from the show for his comments.

The homosexual group “GLAAD” has attacked Mr. Robertson for his comments and beliefs.  Now they are calling for him to be “re-educated”.  I call it “brain-washing”.  What’s next and how far will it go from here?!

This was not merely an attack on a television star, it was an attack on Christianity!  An attack on Jesus Christ and all that he stands for.

The evil in this world does not overcome in one fell swoop, but rather in small bits and pieces.  Look at gay marriage for instance.   The homosexuals and lesbians did not get gay marriage passed all at once, no, but one bit at a time.  Just as we are seeing gay marriage being passed one state at a time, it’s happening.

One of the main chants of the homosexual community is “tolerance”.  Yet they are some of the most intolerant people to have ever walked the face of the earth!  If you do not agree with them, you are considered wicked, evil, intolerant, and unloving.  You are a hater!

Just as gay marriage has infiltrated our society, so too will these wicked forces chip away at Christianity.  They already have taken away many of the symbols we as Christians take as holy.  The Cross, the Ten Commandments, prayer in school and in public places. 

The atheists are trying their best to take away Christmas, to take God out of Christmas!  To steal from us the celebration of our Lord and Savior.  No, Christmas was never about pagan holidays as many others, even many other Christians will lead you to believe.  However, it’s now being hijacked by them.

This is not a battle against Phil Robertson my friends, but a battle against Christianity and our rights!  Our beliefs, values, morals, and God.  It’s a battle being fought in the spiritual and now in the physical dimension. 

The freedom of speech and the freedom of religion is being taken away from us.  You think it can’t happen, think again my friends.  Did you ever think that gay marriage would be legal in America?  That homosexuality would be considered an alternative lifestyle?  That homosexuality would be considered “normal”?  Well that’s exactly what has happened!

Any other religion, group, or belief system is accepted and tolerated.  Christianity is the only exception.  In fact this is true throughout the world today.  Why is that?  It’s because Christianity is the truth.  It exposes the sin of the world.  Most people in the world do not want to have their sin exposed.  They enjoy living in sin.  For Christians to shine their light and expose the sin, people are feeling convicted, guilty!  They cannot tolerate such a thing.  For in doing so exposes them to the truth, to God, and to the world.  They would have to acknowledge that Christians are right.  That there is a God, and that He has dominion over them.

You never hear of other religions being persecuted like Christianity.  Why?  It’s because they are false and do not pose a threat to the sinful nature of man.  They do not convict a person for the sins that they commit.  They do not admit that God (Jesus) is the only way to heaven, but they believe that the good works of man are the way!  Even many Christians believe this which is false.  We are not saved by our works, only through Jesus Christ and his shed blood.  Many shall be led astray for not believing in this!

Remember folks, this is not a battle against Duck Dynasty!  It is a battle against Jesus Christ!

May Jesus Christ bless you and fill you with the knowledge of the truth.  May the Lord expose this evil in the world for what it is, and lead us down the paths of truth and righteousness!  Amen    God Bless Everyone!

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