Fuel truck overturns, two injured as flames shoot 20 feet high in Long Island

Grabs from video titled "Tanker truck inferno. Bellmore, NY 12-17-13" - fuel tanker explodes and burns along Sunrise Highway in Bellmore, Long Island. The fire caused an undetermined amount of damage to parked cars and property, according to a statement from the Nassau County Police Department.

A fuel truck collided with a car stopped at a red light in Bellmore, Long Island. The fuel truck overturned, spewing oil and sparking the early morning blaze. Two people were injured, but they were expected to survive.     xgravismorsx via YouTube

Vehicle collided with car in Bellmore, spewing 12,000 gallons of oil onto streets and sparking a fire. Both victims are expected to survive.

(SOURCE)  Towering flames filled the night sky on the Sunrise Highway early Wednesday morning as a fuel truck overturned and burst into a fireball, injuring two, officials said.

The stunning scene unfolded when an out-of-control car rear-ended a gas truck at a red light near Newbridge Road in Bellmore just before midnight, overturning the truck and spewing 7,000 gallons of fuel onto the streets — sparking flames as high as 20-feet, according to reports.