Former Gay Activist Marries Woman

Michael Glatze

Michael Glatze married girlfriend Rebekah in October 2013      (Photo: Truth Wins Out)

Addresses Critics Who Condemn His New Heterosexual Lifestyle

By Jessica Martinez, Christian Post Reporter
December 13, 2013|2:10 pm

An ex-prominent gay activist and former editor of a San Francisco-based, youth-focused homosexual magazine penned an open letter about his recent heterosexual marriage addressed to “angry homosexuals” who have criticized him for leaving his past and finding God.

Michael Glatze stepped down as co-founder of XY Magazine in 2007 where he walked out by leaving a note on his computer that read, “Homosexuality is death, and I choose life.” His transformation from gay to straight began after he started to question his lifestyle following a health scare and with no one to turn to, Glatze decided to seek help in God. Now, he lives life as a straight man and recently married a woman, Rebekah, who critics are referring to as his “prop.”

“I want to make a little ‘shout out’ to all of the angry homosexuals in our country who are currently spreading all sorts of hate and aggression on pro-homosexual blogs,” wrote Glatze, in an op-ed on “Look, I am not interested in defending myself. I don’t really need to do that. I understand your plight, your point-of-view. I understand the desire to want me to be crazy, or lost in my head and mind, or confused. I understand that it would be just easier if I didn’t exist, or I would just crawl into a hole somewhere and die. But I’m not going to do that.”

He says his intentions are not to rub his marriage in anyone’s face, but to make his critics understand that he stands by his opinion about homosexuality as a flawed and mistaken lifestyle, and that he has a right to his opposing view the same way that they do.

“I do know that this viewpoint flies in the face of people’s personal decisions, as well as some popular politics in this world. And I am additionally aware that this viewpoint labels me as some kind of “right-wing fanatic” who ought to just be “wiped out.” I do pray to God for my safety every day,” said Glatze.

His decision to break up with his ex-partner of 10 years and commit his life to Christ has caused Glatze to fear for his and his new wife’s life, as he says there are people who consider his life and existence an offense to their sensibilities.

The blog, Truth Wins Out, has served as one of Glatze’s critics and in a recent post, Rebekah was the article’s target, as well as his decision to renounce homosexuality.

“One can’t be an official ‘ex-gay’ rock star until wedding bells ring. …The victim is attractive and seems rather sweet. I hope she knows what she’s getting into. … It now appears his phony ‘transformation’ has moved on to recruiting an innocent victim as a prop to give credence to his lie. My heart truly breaks for poor Rebekah,” wrote Wayne Besen, the website’s founder.

Besen also published photos of the newlyweds, which Glatze says that he posted on his personal Google account to share only with his friends and family members. He also defended his marriage and dispelled the misconceptions set by his criticizers who say his marriage is part of a hidden agenda.

“We are not a couple of people who are interested, per se, in being political pawns. I have never called myself an ‘ex-gay,’ though other people have called me that. But, then again, people have called me a lot of things, on account of the fact that I left homosexuality a few years back and decided that I felt more comfortable living heterosexually. This came about as direction from God and has been the best choice God ever made in my life,” writes Glatze.

He added, “I love my God. I love my life. I am grateful for every breath. I am grateful to God for humanity. And I am so grateful for Rebekah. … I am not here to ‘force my agenda’ or my ‘lifestyle’ on anyone else. I am here to live a good, God-honoring life.”