Creation Museum to Admit Children for Free in 2014 to Combat Evolutionist ‘Indoctrination’

Creation Museum Image Announcing Children Can Visit For Free In 2014.  (Photo:

By Stoyan Zaimov, Christian Post Reporter
December 13, 2013|6:16 am

Creation Museum President and CEO Ken Ham said the museum’s recent move to allow children 12 years old and under to come and visit for free in 2014 is a response to evolutionists “indoctrinating kids in the pagan religion of evolution.”

“We want to do what we can to get as many kids to the Creation Museum to learn the truth concerning God’s Word in Genesis and the gospel,” Ham explained in a Facebook post on Thursday.

“Evolutionists go ballistic when they learn about kids coming to the Creation Museum – so let’s spread the word as much as we can – bring as many kids as possible to the Creation Museum in 2014,” he urged supporters.

The Creation Museum in Kentucky recently announced the news on the Answers in Genesis official website, clarifying that kids must be accompanied by at least one paying adult.

The organization admitted that this was a big step, as it does not receive federal or state tax money, and so it depends a lot on visitors to help keep it running year round. It calculated that in the past year, income from children’s tickets for ages 6-12 was $225,000 – meaning the change will significantly impact the bottom line for the museum.

“But I believe it’s imperative that we help parents and other adults to bring as many children as possible to the Bible-proclaiming and evangelistic Creation Museum,” Ham wrote on the website, addressing guests and supporters.

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7 thoughts on “Creation Museum to Admit Children for Free in 2014 to Combat Evolutionist ‘Indoctrination’

  1. Idolatry is the most deplorable influence along with evolution and just as damaging to the youth. I have been scanning the idol o’mometor and here it is. There is this young performer guy 19 years young named Justin Bieber who has 43 million followers (worshippers). Lady Gag Gag just spent $25mil marketing for her spring concerts which she hopes will bring in $50 mil. Video clips of their performances show huge crowds caught in the sensual moments with arms raised outstretched while bathed in blue lights as if they are taken over by the words, effects, and the performer. It’s a worship fest. At least Americans are open about their idolatry. We have American Idol, Rock Star Idols, Country Idols, Sports Idols, A famous young lady driving formula race cars has millions of idolizers both male and female following her at every event. It is said that “A man will defend with the most ferocity that which he worships” The bible says “not to set your affections on the things of this world” including people. I know that if God ever gave me a platform to preach to the masses, I would be the most unpopular preacher in all time. I would preach against the corrupt moral influence of todays movies, against pokeman which kids set up little shrines in their room devoted to displaying these demonic super powered images to take control over their minds. Tomorrow all during the Lord’s Day Sunday, it is estimated that there will be 150 million people devote at least 6 hours to watching or attending professional football. Do you realize that is 900,000,000 hours devoted to something besides the Lord, while the greatest number of people in this nation are unchurched, un evangelized, lost to a Christless eternity. It concerns me that we could blow the evolutionary boat clean out of the water intellectually and theologically and still be sinking in a swill of idolatry. When is the last time you went to church and heard the pastor preach his sermon on idolatry and clearly pointing it out to his congregation. It’s like a sermon on decency or modesty, these themes have gone out the window because half the church would be offended and not return. I’m very uncomfortable as a Christian about the times we are in in our country, our affection and worship of God, if it’s not 24/7 then how much should it be?

  2. Unfortunately that’s the world we live in today, and getting worse. Or maybe I should say fortunately?! I know the worse that it gets the closer we get to meeting our maker in person!
    God Bless

  3. you are right !! I’ts just hard to see what’s happening happen so fast and without any moral voices raising the alarm and blowing the trumpet. Every time we see heaven open in the book of Revelation, we see worship of God. It is and will continue to be eternal worship. This is what I want to see God only being worshiped. As each day passes, we are one day closer to the time when there will be no more curse but the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it, and His servants shall serve Him, They shall see His face and HIs name shall be on their foreheads. Behold Jesus comes quickly, and His reward is with Him to give to every one according to his work.

  4. Evolution is still here as it has been supported by all the fields of science that relate to it. Do not confuse genuine evidence with faith.

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  6. “Evolutionists go ballistic when they learn about kids coming to the Creation Museum” Hmmm, where is your evidence for that? I am an atheist and if I lived closer I’d take my kids. I think it’s important to see what they’re up against. They need to see how some children are being given information without facts or evidence. We need to know what they’re being told so we can answer their questions with scientifically correct information. That way children who have been indoctrinated will have a chance to at the truth is as well.

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