‘Mercy Killings’: Alleged Shooter Is Held

Mercy Killings in LA

Police at the suspect’s home. Pic: KCBS

LA police arrest a 60-year-old man suspected of shooting his ailing wife, then killing his comatose sister in a nursing home.

Mercy Killings in LA

His sister’s nursing home. Pic: KCBS

By Sky News US Team

A 60-year-old man has allegedly shot his ailing wife and sister in California in what police describe as mercy killings.

Lance Holger Anderson was arrested by police in the Canyon Country neighbourhood, just outside Los Angeles.

He is suspected of killing his 63-year-old wife Maxine, who had dementia, then taking a cab to a nursing home where he allegedly shot to death his comatose sister, 58-year-old Lisa Nave.

Mercy Killings in LA

Ms Nave had been at the nursing home for several years. Pic: KCBS

Ms Nave was shot in the head.

Anderson was sitting in the nursing home’s courtyard with his head down when police arrested him on suspicion of murder.

A small-calibre handgun was recovered at the scene.

Los Angeles police Lieutenant Paul Vernon said: “I use the term ‘mercy killing’ in terms of describing a killing here because I want people to understand that this man did not randomly walk into a hospital to commit this crime.”

Mercy Killings in LA

The couple moved to the leafy Canyon Country area six months ago. Pic: KCBS

The couple moved to the leafy Canyon Country neighbourhood from California about six months ago from Arizona, due to Mrs Anderson’s declining health.

Neighbours, who have described Anderson as a nice man willing to help the community, were shocked at his arrest.

Grace Madrigal said Anderson was “the sweetest guy you could ever imagine”. She said he treated his wife “like she was a jewel”.

Two weeks ago, Anderson offered Ms Madrigal his artificial Christmas tree, telling her that he and his wife would not be doing anything for the holidays this year.

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