If Scientists don’t know the facts about evolution, how can they be so sure it is true?!

Comb Jelly
DNA was separated and analysed by scientists

Comb Jelly Squeezes Out Sponge As First Animal

The comb jelly may represent “the earliest branch of the animal tree” and not sponges as previously thought, scientists say.

(SOURCE)  Sponges are getting squeezed out of a distinctive role in evolution with a new study saying they do not represent the oldest branch of the animal family tree after all.

The DNA research instead awards top spot to comb jellies, a group of gelatinous marine animals better known as the sea walnut, the sea gooseberry or the Venus girdle, according to the journal Science.

Scientists at the University of Miami say the Mnemiopsis leidyi may be “the earliest branch of the animal tree and the sister lineage to that of all other animals”.

While life evolved from a single ancestor, scientists are always looking to find out more about how it happened.

Comb jellyfish

The comb jellies are a group of gelatinous marine animals

More than half a billion years ago, long before humans appeared, the first split in the tree of life separated one lineage from all other animals and, traditionally, scientists have thought it was sponges.

The evidence in favour of comb jellies comes from deciphering the first complete genetic code from a member of this group with scientists being able finally to compare the full DNA codes from all the earliest branches.

Sorting out the early branching of the tree could help scientists learn what the ancestor of all animals was like.

A comb jelly or sea walnut

Before this study, it was thought sponges held the evolutionary key

But despite decades of study and the traditional view favouring sponges, there is plenty of disagreement about which early branch came first.

The question is “devilishly difficult” to answer, and the new paper is probably not the last word, said scientist Antonis Rokas of Vanderbilt University, who was not involved in the new work.

“The results need to be taken seriously,” he said, but “I’m pretty sure there will be other studies that suggest something else”.

The comb jelly is native to the waters of the western Atlantic.

It is blind, has no brain and is a carnivore. On the plus side, it does not sting.

Commentary by:  Gordon King

Another change in the evolutionary cycle!  I wonder what will be next?  The author of this article said it right: “devilishly difficult”.  That’s because this theory comes straight from the devil himself.

Evolution is a man-made theory for those people separating themselves from God.  They either believe in God or come up with a lame theory for the beginning of it all.  However, none of these theories hold water.  None can be proven true or correct.  Neither can they be replicated.  Therefore it is not science at all, but merely like they say, a theory.  A theory which takes great faith to believe in.  Unlike God and the bible which has proven itself to be true.  Bible prophecies have come to pass and are happening now before our eyes!

Do you really believe that you evolved from this jellyfish?

6 thoughts on “If Scientists don’t know the facts about evolution, how can they be so sure it is true?!

  1. Hmmmmm! Wonder who made the comb jelly? What are they producing these days. Maybe we could watch one for a couple hundred years and see what it turns into or does it take 1000 years to turn into something? Wow! The devil sure can deceive, can’t he? We really need to keep this folks in prayer. God have mercy on their deceived souls, in Jesus name we pray!
    God Bless! Dr. Gary

  2. Brother Gordon, you mentioned the prophecies that are coming to pass. It’s sad that even many of our church denominations throughout the world don’t know and/or hear of these things. They and the lost from Christ don’t hear about these events happening and the miracles that are being preformed by God through His people. One reason they aren’t hearing is because our media doesn’t want us to know. The second is because of the churches that refuse to allow Holy Spirit to function in power through them; the power that came to those in Acts 2:4 and to us today that are willing to believe and accept the power that can work through us by Holy Spirit.
    I think of Heidi Baker, her Husband and God’s servants that work with these two missionaries. She and her people have this power that came to those in Acts 2:4. God sent her to Mozambique Africa and told her to not refuse one child. Her new family rapidly grew to two hundred staying in her home. The last time I heard the count, she and her group were taking care of 10,000 children. I understand that it is not uncommon for God to produce food for them right before their eyes; a miracle that’s probably performed daily. She states: “If you want to get a Muslim to come to Jesus, just bring someone back from the dead.” God is still at work today producing food miraculously, He is still performing miraculous healing, such as a woman being healed after her spine had been severed and was in a wheelchair for 221/2 years after being struck by a drunken driver and yes, even bringing people back from the dead! He did these things while He was on earth and He hasn’t changed, nor has what He wills to do through us changed!
    I want to encourage God’s people to seek the Power of Holy Spirit until they get it! God chooses to do most of the miraculous things through His people that are willing to go the extra mile and receive that power and then allow God to work through them to get the job performed that He wants. Five hundred were spoken to about receiving that power, but only one-hundred twenty showed up to receive it as they were instructed to by Jesus. Jesus told them to go and wait for the power to come at the end of Luke and the first chapter of Acts. Study Acts and receive it. You’ll always be elated that you did? As Jesus stated: “The harvest is great, but the workers are few!” God help us Christians to get on the same spiritual page, in the name of Jesus I pray!
    God’s Blessings on you, brother Gordon and all others!
    Dr. Gary

  3. My Point Exactly!!!!! Evolution is a Theory, not FACT. Show me one kind of animal that “evoled” into another.

  4. That is so true Dr. Gary. We have the same Spirit of God working in us today that the disciples had working in them two thousand years ago! No different, exactly the same. Why would we not have the gifts of the Spirit as well? All Christians should earnestly seek the gifts of the Spirit and for the anointing of the Holy Spirit as well.
    God bless!

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