‘Satan Himself Lives in San Pedro’

Dead Bodies in Honduras

In 2008, the mounting number of murders forced San Pedro Sula to store bodies in refrigerated trucks before transporting them to mass-burial sites.    (Photo: Reuters/Edgard Garrido)

With 20 People Being Murdered Every Day, ‘Satan Himself Lives in San Pedro,’ Says Mortician in World’s Most Murderous City

(SOURCE)  In the busiest morgue in the world’s most murderous city in San Pedro, Honduras, where an average of 20 people are murdered daily, conditions have become so grim one mortician has concluded it is the devil’s lair and those left to mourn are now questioning their faith in God.

“Satan himself lives here in San Pedro,” the nervous mortician, who asked to be identified only as Lucas, said in a report in The Guardian. “People here kill people like they’re nothing more than chickens.”

The Violence Observatory at the National Autonomous University of Honduras (NAUH) reported that in 2012, an average of 20 people were murdered every day in Honduras, which has a population of 8 million people. That average translated to a murder rate of 85.5 murders per 100,000 residents.

In San Pedro, a city with less than 900,000 people, the murder rate is 173 per 100,000, according to The Guardian, and it is reportedly the highest murder rate in the world outside a war zone.

Comparing Honduras to New York City, which has a slightly higher population at 8.3 million, last year there were only 3.8 homicides per 100,000 people, according to Gothamist. The comparison between New York and San Pedro is even starker.

Lucas, who told The Guardian that he has been preparing corpses for burial since he was 15, recalled when every corpse he prepared in the early years of his career used to come from people who had died of natural causes.

“Today that’s rare,” he said. “We see people with six to 10 bullet wounds, dismembered, decapitated,” he explained.

And the victims are everyday people: mechanics, students, farmers, journalists, bus drivers and business people.

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