Ukraine’s capital Kiev gripped by huge pro-EU demonstration

Demonstrators on Independence Square

Demonstrators on Independence Square. The protests are now in their third week.

(SOURCE)   Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets in the Ukrainian capital Kiev seeking the resignation of the government for refusing a deal on closer ties with the European Union.

Protest leaders have given President Viktor Yanukovych 48 hours to dismiss the government. They are setting up barricades outside the PM’s offices.

A man on a horse at the rally on Independence Square.

A man on a horse at the rally on Independence Square.

Mr Yanukovych has said he shelved the EU deal after Russian opposition.

President Vladimir Putin has urged Kiev to join a Russian-led customs union.

In another development on Sunday, the Ukrainian Security Service said it was investigating some politicians on suspicion of what it called “actions aimed at seizing state power”.

It did not name the politicians.

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