Let us shine our light! A poem

shine-light copyA Poem by:  Gordon King

Let your light shine through, and may your words be true.

May not your heart be troubled, nor your spirit be dismayed,

for the Lord your God is with you and shall keep you free I pray.

Lord Jesus is my refuge, my strength and confidence,

with Him I place my trust and faith for future time events.

The peace I find and cherish, the joy that fills my heart,

is all because of Jesus, with whom I shall not part.

For worldly things diminish, they lead you straight to hell,

with Jesus I have plenty, the earth I shall not dwell.

Heaven is the place for me, the place that I belong,

with God I find my destiny, where in it is no wrong.

Look around about you, and see what you might see,

the people of this world who live in misery.

They work and toil endlessly for things which do not matter,

the sins of which are wickedness and cause a lot of chatter.

Let us shine our light, with love and mercy and kindness,

so people of the world can see that Jesus is our Highness.

With laughter, joy and humbleness, the gestures that we make,

will lead the lost and blind you see out of that fiery lake.

So let us stand together, and shine our light you see,

that the lost and unbelievers might live like you and me.

With Jesus as their savior, and brothers and sisters in Christ like you and me,

will surely have the best of time for all eternity!

Amen and God Bless Everyone!


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