The Most Severe Tidal Surge to Hit Britain in 60 Years

The tidal surge which hit the east coast of Britain has been described as the “most serious” for 60 years.

(SOURCE)  Thousands were forced to abandon their homes as tides in parts of the North Sea reached higher levels than the devastating floods of 1953.

Flood waters have receded in many areas but authorities are warning that high tides later on Friday could cause further damage.

Two people died in Thursday’s storms, but the weather is now easing.

A beach chalet hanging over a beach after the ground beneath it collapsed

Seven cliff-top homes collapsed in Hemsby, Norfolk, due to the tidal surge

A collapsed beach chalet as seen from a helicopter

A collapsed beach chalet as seen from a helicopter
The Environment Agency called the tidal surge the “most serious” for 60 years

A chuck of a building lying on a beach

The Hemsby lifeboat station was also severely damaged

Seven cliff-top homes collapsed in Hemsby, Norfolk, where a lifeboat station has been also washed into the sea.

But the Environment Agency said 800,000 homes had been protected by flood defences and better forecasting had given people “vital time” to prepare.

The agency added: “Significant flooding along the east coast of England is expected to continue today [Friday], as the most serious coastal tidal surge for over 60 years will continue to affect communities.”

Environment Secretary Owen Paterson chaired a meeting of the government’s Cobra committee to discuss the floods.

Speaking afterwards, he said the situation was “not over” and asked the public to follow advice from police and other authorities.

“Conditions like this only occur in some places every 500 years,” he said.

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2 thoughts on “The Most Severe Tidal Surge to Hit Britain in 60 Years


  2. Another video of a downtown district flooded, this has been happening all over Europe that is in Germany and Italy, Russia, China, India, and especially in the Philippines, not to mention the boardwalk district of Jersey Shores when Hurricane Sandy Hit, as well as recently with Colorado when they received a 3 day deluge.
    The sea surge (which is another term for hurricane force winds driving a higher seal level) that came into Scotland is about 7 feet, enough to put several feet of water well inland. Another report out this week stated that the northern polar ice cap is melting and now there will be ships sailing through on water passage that had never existed before now. For anyone reading this, may I suggest that we take a good look at the photos and videos of the destruction, does any of this appear as if God is pleased, abounding in blessings towards us or has He lifted His gracious hand of protection and allowed the prince of the power of the air to inflict judgment upon the earth through the winds and seas. The whole world lies in the hand of the wicked one. All this gives me a more imminent sense of Jesus’ return to rapture His church to heaven. “Come Lord Jesus come, take your bride away, O my soul longs for You”

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