Severe flood warnings issued in England as storm hits

Lorry tipped over

A lorry overturned on Redheugh Bridge in Newcastle and landed on a car

(SOURCE)  Hundred-mile-an-hour winds have battered parts of England, with thousands of people being evacuated due to the risk of flooding.

A tide of more than 6ft (1.8m) above the normal maximum is expected at 22:30 GMT caused by severe northerly winds, the Environment Agency said.

Strong winds have affected areas in the north with a lorry overturning and trapping a car in Newcastle.

And thousands of homes in Seaham, County Durham, are without power.

Matthew Philpott, from the Environment Agency, said: “There’s some nasty weather in the North Sea at the moment with gusts of gale force north-westerly winds coupled with spring floods and a large tidal surge.

“They are all combining to give quite a risk of flooding.”

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