Be Careful What You Believe!

Commentary by:  Gordon King

Hello folks, may the Lord of the Universe protect you and guide you in the paths of righteousness.  Amen

I have something weighing heavy on my heart right now.  I feel the need to share this with everyone that I can.  So please read this post and make your own decisions.  This is a very vital time in history, one that could change your entire destiny.

With everything going on in the world today it is quite easy to be caught up in all of the hype.  I mean, there are so many different people spreading so much information, how much of it is inaccurate and false?

It can be difficult to determine the truth from a lie.  Yet that is what is happening now.  Many, many lies and untruths are being told.  Some seem true, yet they may have a subtle twist to them.  For instance, the Muslims agree that Jesus lived.  They say that they believe in the Old Testament.  According to them the Jews and the Christians are the “people of the book”, so I’ve heard.  However, there are many differences between what the Muslims believe about Jesus and what the Christians believe.

Muslims believe that Christ lived, but that he was merely a prophet of god.  That he was never crucified on a cross.  Many people are led to believe that the god of the Muslims is the same as the God of the Christians and the Jews.  This is false.

Islam is a religion that forces people to convert or be executed.  What kind of religion is that?  Christianity spreads the Word of God to unbelievers and gives them a choice to decide for themselves.  It’s up to God to perform a work in their hearts.  If they choose not to believe, then we move on.

There are also many YouTube videos out there which give false and twisted information.  One video I actually posted several days ago.  This gentleman made a video about Comet Ison, this is how I found out about his other videos.  He is known as “BPEarthWatch”.  Be very careful about what he tells you.  He is very deceiving.  He states in his video that he is a Christian.  Then he goes on to say that the Old Testament was written by Satan.  He says many other things which are deceiving and lies.  Do not believe what he is telling you.

If he was a Christian then he should believe that the entire bible is the true, infallible written Word of God Almighty.  He speaks of aliens from another planet coming to earth some 45,000 years ago.  I shall post the video here and you can decide for yourself:

The point I am making is that we need to test what we are being told.  Even information that I give you, please, I want you to test it.  Compare what I say against the written Word of God.  See if it measures up to what the bible tells us.  If not, then do not believe it.

I know that there are many well-meaning people out there, even other Christians who may be misguided, believe a lie, or just don’t know the whole truth.  I am not perfect and can make mistakes.  But, I will not purposely tell lies or mislead anyone away from the truth of God.  I may have varying viewpoints on some scripture, like when the rapture of the church may be, however this is a viewpoint and not a lie or twisting of any truth.  The bible does not tell us when the rapture of the church will be, no one knows, it is only a viewpoint.  I have never said that the rapture will definitely be pre-tribulation, I only believe that it will be.  It could be mid or post tribulation.

Pray to God, seek the truth, ask Him for guidance and discernment.  He will make clear to you the truth from a lie.  The Holy Spirit of God that dwells in you will be your guide.

Be careful, test all things against the Word of God.  Do not be deceived, not matter how convincing they may seem.  No matter what they tell you, if it does not measure up to the written Word of God, do not believe it.

God Bless!

4 thoughts on “Be Careful What You Believe!

  1. I have heard many things in my day but today is a mark in history for me! I have heard it all when anyone would present that Satan wrote the Old Testament, I thought nothing would shock or surprise me up until now. That made my day! I will be the first to say that I have been mislead or misread or even mislead others by information on what I was given but that statement is the folly of all folly’s that Satan wrote the Old Testament and will never ever believe that one.

    Yes Gordon there are so many things out there, things we were taught, brought up on, so many religions or beliefs but I remember what Jesus said just as you say, be careful let No man decieve you and Luke 21:36: Gods Word Translation:

    Be alert at all times. Pray so that you have the power to escape everything that is about to happen and to stand in front of the Son of Man.

    I need to be more humble and really needed this message tonight! Thank you so much as do other’s.

    Love and Peace my Brother!

  2. Yes, it is a time of great deception Frani. Many will believe the lies. Even though we try to tell them the truth, they shall not see it.
    God Bless Sister!

  3. Hi Gordon!
    If there was ever a time that we need to be diligently in the word of God and seeking more of Him it is now! It is so important that we totally surrender all to God, stay in the word of God, pray much and take time to just be quiet and listen for God to impart into us! I feel that one of the biggest tools satan is using to deceive people is by our “being so busy.” Without realizing it, I believe many are making idols of TV, the use of the computer, even allowing our kids to be involved in so many things that it takes away from the spiritual things that we should be doing and much of that spiritual time should be spent with our children. How many of us know our neighbors name? Have we asked them if they need prayer or invited them to church? God help us to be in your will every second of the day! In Jesus name we pray! Amen (so be it).
    God Bless!
    Dr. Gary

  4. Amen! We all need to stand for what is right, what is Holy, and what is true. We all need to wake up and take a stand. Our time is short.
    God Bless!

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