A Prayer to God!

credit: Silent Prayer by Leila Darwish

Commentary by:  Gordon King

Lord Almighty, our salvation, our rock.  Only you are worthy of our praise and worship. 

You spread your wings to shelter us from the storm, You shield us with Your angels against the enemy.

Thank you God!  Thank you!

You listen to our broken hearts, our cries, our pain and our suffering.  Yet our sorrow is nothing compared to Your sacrifice for us.

Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord!

With open arms You receive us, with open arms You love us and forgive us with Your mercy and grace.

Thank you Lord!  Thank you!

Your Words hold true, You do not lie.  Our faith is made strong through Your promises to us.

Only through the blood of the Lamb are we found righteous in Your presence Lord.

Thank you Jesus!  Thank you!

With the blood of Jesus we are saved, through Your righteous grace we do receive, the Holy Gift of love and peace.

Thank you Lord God, without you we are nothing, but with you we are children of the Most High!  Thank you God!

Bless you Father, Bless you Jesus, Bless you Holy Spirit!  We praise you, we worship you, we give you the glory!


9 thoughts on “A Prayer to God!

  1. What an awesome prayer and awesome glorification of our Great God, His matchless love and mercy. Thank you Brother Gordon for posting this. You are a blessing to me and all of us because it is clear that your choice of postings are guided by the Spirit of the Lord. Please continue to lift me and my family to the Lord in prayer – I am standing against evil in many forms as are you. You are in my prayers also, Brother Gordon.

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