Ukraine police disperse EU-deal protesters

Police charging at protesters in Kiev on 30 November.

Police intervened with force to disperse the protesters in the early hours of Saturday

Riot police in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, have forcefully dispersed hundreds of protesters, beating some with truncheons, witnesses say.

(SOURCE)  Protest organiser Sergei Milnichenko said tear gas had also been used as police moved in at about 04:30 (02:30 GMT) on Saturday.

It followed fresh rallies against President Viktor Yanukovych’s refusal to sign an EU association agreement.

Unconfirmed reports said a number of people had been hurt.

An injured protester being treated in an ambulance

An injured protester being treated in an ambulance

Police said they had decided to clear Independence Square after “a number of incidents”, Interfax Ukraine news agency reported.

It was not clear what incidents they were referring to.

More than 1,000 people, most of them students, were in the square when police moved in, activists said.

“It was horrible. We were holding a peaceful demonstration and they attacked us,” said protester Lada Tromada.

“They threw us away like garbage.”

Witnesses said ambulances were on the scene and some demonstrators were seen bleeding from their heads and arms.

Police arrest a protester

Police arrest a protester

One activist, opposition MP Andriy Shevchenko, tweeted that dozens of people had been hurt and at least 33 taken into police custody.

Reuters news agency said the injured included one of its cameramen and a photographer, who was left bloodied by blows to the head.

The US Ambassador to Kiev, Geoffrey Pyatt, said he was “still working to understand what happened“.

He said he “obviously” condemned the violence against peaceful demonstrators, adding: “Will have more to say.”

Workers clean up Independence Square in Kiev

In the morning, the empty square was being cleaned

By morning, police had surrounded the square and barely any protesters remained, a BBC correspondent reported.

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