Increasing Evil and Demonic Attacks

demons-rook-2 copyCommentary by:  Gordon King

Hello folks!  I pray for God to fill you with peace, comfort, and protect you from all evil.

I am feeling very uneasy lately.  Sensing the evil around us.  Attacks from demonic spirits.  Forces of darkness increasing their wicked deeds.

These are trying times in which we live.  The world is upside down, inside out, and chaotic.  Evil is present  and increasing.  The heinous and murderous crimes occurring each and everyday of the week are unrelenting.  The horrors and wickedness of the world sends chills down my spine.  I cannot believe the world that we now live in.  Society is breaking down rapidly, morals are quickly decaying and changing into sinful ideals.  The world seems to be accepting of the violence and evil.  Nothing seems to be very bad anymore.  It just boggles my mind.

We see this in the current events of the world.  Daily articles that I post of murder, death, violence, rape, theft, protests and riots.  Unusual and reoccurring events such as explosions, sink holes, mass animal deaths, crashes, floods, violent storms, and earthquakes.  Governments are in peril, economies are at the brink of collapse, peace and safety of the Nations are in jeopardy.

If someone were to tell me thirty years ago that all of these things would be happening now, I probably would have looked at them as if they were nuts!  Then I would have laughed.

This is a time like no other.  For Christians it’s a time of persecution, trials and attacks.  We as Christians need to hold fast to our faith, keep our eyes on heaven, and remain in fellowship with the Lord.

As the days become darker and more evil, the light that shines in the world becomes brighter.  The Christians of the world shall be under more intense pressure and scrutiny.  We shall be the victims of persecution and spiritual attacks.    Some of us will also be the victims of physical attacks.  The closer we get to our Lord, the more intense the attacks will become.

I feel the evil around us, I feel the intensity increasing with each passing day.  I feel the chaos and uncertainty of the world around us.  I sense things coming upon us at a rapid pace.  Things which do not feel right, things which feel evil.  I can sense the wicked, demonic spirits attacking the believers in Christ.  Am I the only one feeling this way?  Does anyone else feel or sense Satanic forces becoming more intense and destructive?

If I were not a Christian then I would be very worried, in fact scared to death of what the future holds.  I would wonder what on earth is happening?  I would fear for my life and those that I love.  It must be very frightening to see the world in such disarray and not know what tomorrow brings.

We as Christians must remain faithful and true to Jesus Christ.  He is our Rock, our Protector, our Comforter, and our Savior.  Only through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior do we have hope, strength, comfort, peace and protection.   We must be strong, courageous and loyal. 

Isaiah 43:2

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;
And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you.
When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned,
Nor shall the flame scorch you.

Psalm 23:4

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Matthew 28:20

20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

What we have been witnessing over the past year or two, I believe, is very mild, compared to what is coming our way.  These events are paving the way and the mindset of society.  Call it what you will, “Brain Washing”, “De-sensitizing”, or “Mind Control”.  It all boils down to this very thing:  “The world we once knew is gone”.   Trials, tribulations, evil, wickedness, hatred, murder, violence and evil is coming at us in full force.  Natural disasters will become greater, civil unrest will become greater, national calamities will become greater!

The only way to be certain of your destiny is to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.  That’s it!  No other way.  Sounds intolerant doesn’t it?  Well, it’s the truth, believe it or not.  This should be our main focus in life, our main objective for the world.  Spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Let us not be troubled, for God is with us.  He is always with us.  Let us comfort one another, encourage one another, help one another, and love one another.  For these are the commands of God Almighty!

God Bless!

48 thoughts on “Increasing Evil and Demonic Attacks

  1. Now there are two of us that feel the way you do. I sense the demonic activity that has taken over in just about every venue of our culture that use to be decent.

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  5. I feel the same as you do Sir Gordon and the rest, I mention my feelings too others and they carry small talk and go on about their business and leaves me wondering if they even heard a word I said for if they did, they would be noticing the Spiritual attacks too. The huge thing is that I noticed in family’s that they are progressively attacking one another, and as much as you would tell them that you wish to not speek of past affairs that the future or rather now is most important, they seemingly attack you, draining you of yourself, leaving you overwhelmed!! Repeatedly I have told my family that God’s word is my stregnth that he is my Shepherd not anyone else nor my family, for we will answer to God for ourselves one by one not to one another but No they demand that They still are the All seeing, all knowing one and well, I desire not to be nashing of teeth with my family nor see them nashing and fighting one another but YES I have seen the Demonic attacks, Evil in my family, other’s family, neighbors and in the Nation, especially since Thanksgiving Day, a day where Family’s are suppose to be so Thankful for one another, people as well but I saw it not. I prayed so earnestly and weeped so hard that night and then is when I wondered if anyone else was witnessing these same characteristics and sensing a deep despair gloom and dread and while it saddens me, I know the Lord is by my side as he is by the one’s that call upon him. The closer you get to the Lord, it seems that the quicker the attacks and it really is getting me in a very bad Native American Warrior way as I dance the death dance under the sky of the Great Spirit, preparing to cast out the Demons for in the White man tongue it is said We wrestle not the flesh but against the principalities of darkness and I choose to be patient with the flesh of mankind and family’s but can see the hour of Temptation is upon us all, which means what we are seeing and people abadoning one another, people betraying one another, but most of all suicide. It is parallel to the night of Jesus in the garden of Gathsemane, parrallel to also the three temptations of Christ by Satan himself and parrallel to the beginning of time before the days of Noah. There is no safety but in the Lord for we are about to be tempted, we will pass holding fast to our faith, but we will see great sadness in others that are not true followers, even in the one that say they are. Let us pray and be watchful for Jesus to return soon, that the signs we see are the signs of the soon Rapture. I am so terrible with words on explaining my emotions or spiritual insight. But God bless you and all who share that they see these Demonic attacks or sense and uneasiness as well besides my self, it makes me feel less insane now, nothing shocks me anymore! But at the same time, we have to look up and smile for there is a Father in Heaven preparing a place for us NOW. That makes me one of the luckiest girls in the world but it saddens me for others that think I am of the utmost stupid. But the Lord is the only thing that feels right in My life and I think that is the way it is suppose to be for the True Follower of Jesus and for the Love of the Kingdom of God, that is our Glory, being his true perpetual generation with no end and for Eternity. As crazy as it seems, I can feel Gods eyes watching but also, Satan and his merry band of demons. I thought perhaps it was just being paranoid but after reading and seeking out others, well, thank God I am not alone. Again thank you for a wonder commentary Sir Gordon.

  6. Thank you Frani. I appreciate your words of encouragement. By the way, you can just call me Gordon. Sir sounds so formal and regal. I am just a person serving the Lord. I am not perfect, believe me, I have plenty of sins in my lifetime.

    Remember when Jesus was tempted by Satan, He did three things to overcome. He prayed to the Father, He fasted, and He used the Word of God. He is an example of what we should do as well in fighting the evil in the world.

    I know what you mean about feeling crazy sometimes, I feel the same way. I have to remember also that I am not of this world, so what seems normal to most should not seem normal to me. And if other people don’t like the way that I am, oh well! I know that God does, and that is what’s important to me.

    God Bless Sister! Keep the faith and know that you are not alone.

  7. Gordon, you have a great way of being able to make words pure, and simple, easy to understand that quickens a persons soul back to their center and back to the foundation of God, not many have that gift, believe me on that one as I have search the world over, Yes Lord I have for simple wisdom without a hassel for even Jesus used simple wisdom without hassel in his words and parables too for the ears that could hear and understand his parables.

    As far as your sins, well I would love to have a counting of the battle scars lol, (Jesus said to be of good cheer for he over came the world) I truly believe that it takes a Woman or a Man of many sins to have a true Testamony for then they have skid in the ditches, walked in the shadows, have been mislead or mislead others, lived great days and lived bad days, believed in all things and Lived for that vision namely they walked where Angles feared to trid so too speak, but the Glory of the blessing in disguise is they are like unto a Lighthouse that shines way out to Sea for the ships to not wreck that are coming in if the ships follow that light, great sinners can be the Greatest Leaders to the Lord, on this earth for the blind if the blind will only listen. Some do, listen but few, most do not care at all, party and live it up with many girlfriends and living it up, laughing at us for our sins, blaming us for their reasons they sin, Yes we are the blame, shame on us, we need to stay away from such perfect people! But then one day the tables of Time turned and we noticed that after looking all around that why were others taking Our statue of deficits, why were they now great difficulty, divorces, calamity while we stood on the edge of Time. Lord knows what was dished out to me, they can not possible handle at all and I see these wonders and think to myself, Eh, I am the crazy one, the misfit, the one that is a cast out, how dare you take My place in this World. But they have. When you let the Devil in your door, the rest of the Demons follow soon after, and unfortunately it is always close to home, your family or inlaws or outlaws, you have them in every bunch or all three at once. No wonder Jesus hauled freight to the mountains to gain his composure for a while and I followed him too lol to gain my own, but came back just like he did to pick up my Cross and keep on moving along. As you said, to only remember to Pray to Jesus, fast and live by Gods word when the Devil temps you. Actually the Devil was afraid of Jesus. Jesus wants us to be as he is unafraid of a thing, like the birds are so free, like the seasons are free, like nature is free, like animals, they only hunt and eat when they have too then lay around, showing great faith or great instinct. We are not to fear the Reaper either nor the likes of the Devil. Its a paradox how we got from being in the midst of hell to the midst of Heaven, it defies a logical explanation leaving that God was with us all along and just waiting, knowing we would come to him in the end and certainly it is a wonder of all wonders that HE is protecting and loving us all the while and if we stay in the light of the Rainbow that one sees that is inside of the Rainbow, then we will be okay no matter what as long as we do not venture on the outside of the Rainbow where it is dark. Have you ever noticed after a bad storm or storm, when the Rainbow appears, it is dark on the outside of it but on the inside it is full of light?

    Jesus did not care what anyone thought of him except God, his and our Father in Heaven. He did not care of his appearance and traveling with him were lepers, beggers, thiefs, gypsys, prostitutes, the persecuted and a band of twelve Rebels. He scandalized the masses of crowds or anyone with teaching in Revolutionary form to Love one another and forgive your enemies and if you could only do that then nothing else mattered, not the past, nor the future for Our world is not of this world, Ours is the Kingdom of Heaven and not of this world so our future is sealed, Praise God on that one for it has been a journey! But it is a super wonder feeling when you lay alone at night in bed and listen to the silence which is so sweet, it is Gods sweet lolaby while he watches over Us and when your sister, your parents, your kids, your spouse, or anyone walks out on you, the Lord walks right on in, guess that is why he said, if ya don’t see em in heaven they wont be missed……and too jump for joy and be exceedingly glad when people forsake you, lie and mistreat you for great is your reward!

    God fills all the voids and all the holes they made throwing their rocks!

    Love and peace my Brother!

  8. Thanks Frani! Amen to that and God Bless Sister! Remember you are not alone, God is always with you, but there are also many Christians out there who are a part of your family, including myself.
    God bless!

  9. Thanks Gordon, it is a wonderful feeling beyond belief that finally I have a wonderful family of Christians and You and above all God as a family, it brings rivers of tears out of my heart. I finally have a Real family. Amen and Glory to God.

    Love and Peace, My Brother.

  10. The number one target of attack comes against us when we set our face to seek God in prayer. As the devil deceived our parents in the garden of Eden thus cutting them off from personal communion with God the Father and Creator. So is it today, He, satan is doing everything he can to cut us off from communication with God our Father, Jesus our Savior and the Holy Sprit our guide and teacher. Every device that has come along to (free-us-up) for more time has actually taken time away in the most important area and that Is prayer. Let’s stay at it brothers and sisters press hard at the throne for the lost and especially for Christ’s return. And If you would please pray for me personally (ken) that the satanic strongholds / attacks set and coming against me will be crushed and cast out and that I will have peace around the borders of my home, that God would bring me healings so I can return back to serving in the ministries that I love. May God bless you Gordon, and I pray for much wisdom, strength, and discernment with much faith to do God’s will. Frani, I ask our Lord to make His face to shine upon you and to lift His countenance upon you and to remove the mountains and make you a lighted path by His Word.
    affectionally yours in Christ, ken

  11. Amen Ken!
    I pray for God to bind all demonic spirits coming against you, and cast them far from you. In the name of Jesus Christ I command them to leave now. I pray for the healing power of Jesus Christ to cleanse and heal you. I pray for God to give you insight, wisdom and truth, to continue His will in your life. Amen

    God Bless!

  12. Thank you for this prayer I have been praying it over my situations and believing by faith in Jesus that His answers will come.

  13. Get thee hence, O’ Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve! Come down out of thy false heaven O’ Satan for I bind thee times three, that you shall not attack my family in Christ. I cast you and your demonic spirits and legions away from my Brother’s and Sister’s in Christ in the name and power of the Almighty God and Jesus Christ, loose my family now!!

    Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing. James 1:2-4

    Ken, your prayer for me certainly worked for it moved mountains that have been hard pressed on every side for 50 years, so please know that God has his finger on your heart and thank you deeply for your prayers for the Lord is smiling on me since yesternight, but I had to tend to O’ Satan in an aggressive way and am now ready for anything. Should we all be parted, by the lawlessness of this world, spiritual attacks of the Internet System, cast into prison, however, we will make a pack to always remember this moment in time forever, for thousands read these messages and are filled with inspiration, hope, confidence, stregnth, faith. We will do exploits, we will do as Jesus said and more as Jesus promised before his return until we all in Christ reign in this madness with Power from among High!!

    The Lord is close to the brokenhearted, he rescues those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18

    Indeed, none of those who wait for You will be ashamed ; Those who deal treacherously without cause will be ashamed. Make me know Your ways, O LORD ; Teach me Your paths. Lead me in Your truth and teach me, For You are the God of my salvation ; For You I wait all the day. Psalm 25:3-5

    When I am afraid, sad or in dispair, I hold on to Jesus words and read them aloud, tuning out all things, family, animals, all things and when I go thru certain verses of King David in Psalms when the enemy attacks, I read it aloud with strong conviction, there is a Secret Power in both Jesus and King David’s word that suddenly you see the one that is attacking you, falls. I know we are to pray for our enemy’s but we are to also stand bold as Lions!

    Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Luke 10:19

    Love, Peace and Affections in Christ Gordon, Ken and my Brother’s and Sister’s.

  14. Frani, you prayers for me are confirmation that God is working and is delivering great and awesome answers. I am standing on HIs promises reading in the Psalms (chapter 70) and words of Jesus. Thank you for all the scripture references and 1000 thank you’s for your prayers. I continue today trusting God’s faithfulness to sustain and deliver the peace and healings.
    Gordon, thank you for this site, because not for it I would have missed these precious prayers and encouragements.
    With great anticipation may see Jesus appear today.
    affectionately in Christ,

  15. Frani, your prayers and verses are are of great encouragement and confirmation that the enemy is defeated and God is about to bring great and awesome answers. Glad to know that blessings have entered your life as a result of prayer, it’s all to God’s Glory and in Him we say yes! and amen! I trust and abide in His promises for healings and protection praying through the power of the Word in Psalm 70 “Make haste Oh God to deliver me, Make haste to help me O Lord” and Jesus’ words in Mark 9:23 “all things are possible to him who believes.”
    Thank you Gordon for this site for without it, would have missed these precious opportunities to be encouraged, share, and pray.
    Anticipating His imminent return,
    affectionately in Christ

  16. Annonymous, thank you so tenderly but I sought deeply into my heart and asked the Lord to show me exactly what others needed in his word and owe all of the Glory to him that I would not lean into mine own understanding but into his will.

    And as I did so, knowing that I had been attacked in every form a woman could ever be attacked, I knew then that I had the empathy to see into others hearts to comfort, heal, listen, give, relate, build up, encourage and enlighten but I lacked the Wisdom, Descretion and Knowledge to do so, then is when I knew I needed confidence rather than self defeated, humbleness where I had been so long abated until Jesus lifted me up, stregnth turned my fear into ashes and out of the ashes grew integrity, prudence, belief, innocense from guilt in a guilt trip world, believing in anything is possible in an impossible world, believing in the beauty of my dreams that had been crushed over and over, for Jesus said to build up a hope chest in heaven where no one can take from you ever like they do on this Earth, faith restored in myself, that I was never allowed to have for family’s can be very powerful in mind control stealing your self respect, dignity, yes, O’ Satan has worked a long time on me and many others for years and long since the beginning of time.

    We have been risen in a Society that intended to keep humans in a Pandora’s Box, rules are good but Society and family’s demand to much of one another, usually they are the Dominant ones that always have a scape goat that is risen to Love family so much they would do anything for them, only to be the shame and the blame continuously so. Dare not mention the Bible to them for then it is banned and your to not dispute their word either or then Narsistic traits and beatings begin, and mental pain is far greater than the physical and Society has taught people well how to manipulate and so has O’ Satan, but Not well enough for there is a New kid on the block they were not counting on and that is lil Me, the smallest of the bunch but Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven was like a mustard seed, which indeed is the Least of all the seeds but when it is grown, it becomes greater than all the trees, so that the birds may dwell in it’s branches and my plans are to be just that and so are Gods plans, for I have nothing to lose and all to gain and have waited a long time to personally see O’ Satan if I am not raptured to settle the score. He will let my people Go!

    I am not crazy either, just very intune with the Heavenly Father for he was all it left me too and I am sure glad for if He is with me then who can stand against me in anything and he is with us all, a Silent secret, unseen force that We as Christians see and love more than anything and second by moment, feel his ever presence just as sure as we see you and I. Now that is incredable, to believe in Something so huge that we Know is our Father, our Brother, our Best Friend, and no one that try’s to harm us even knows he is there but we do. As much as I love my secluded home where I can grow Alone in the Lord, if they were to cast me into Prison then eh, I will minister in there too, I refuse to stop and am very Rebellious against O’ Satan and his merry band of clowns that are Spiritually ruling the World. Oh strong is the mind that rest in the Lord. Amen. My only prayer is that I can be an instrument to pass the words Jesus wrote as our Father’s before us onward that they touch every heart that needs it so, in Jesus name I pray.

    In your patience, possess ye your souls. By patiently bearing all afflictions, reproaches, indignities, and persecutions, enjoy yourselves; let nothing disturb or distress you; possess that peace and joy in your souls, which the world cannot take away; see Romans 5:3. The Vulgate Latin, Syriac, Arabic, and Ethiopic versions read, “ye shall possess”: and the sense may be this; by patient continuance, or by perseverance in the ways of God, and the truths of Christ unto the end, ye shall be saved; shall find your lives, and enjoy your souls, as in Matthew 10:22.

    Matthew 24:13
    but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.

    Romans 2:7
    To those who by persistence in doing good seek glory, honor and immortality, he will give eternal life.

    1 Peter 2:9
    King James Version (KJV)
    But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light;

    Matthew 5:2-12 (PHILLIPS) | Whole Chapter
    2-12 Then he began his teaching by saying to them, “How happy are the humble-minded, for the kingdom of Heaven is theirs! “How happy are those who know what sorrow means for they will be given courage and comfort! “Happy are those who claim nothing, for the whole earth will belong to them! “Happy are those who are hungry and thirsty for goodness, for they will be fully satisfied! “Happy are the merciful, for they will have mercy shown to them! “Happy are the utterly sincere, for they will see God! “Happy are those who make peace, for they will be sons of God! “Happy are those who have suffered persecution for the cause of goodness, for the kingdom of Heaven is theirs! “And what happiness will be yours when people blame you and ill-treat you and say all kinds of slanderous things against you for my sake! Be glad then, yes, be tremendously glad—for your reward in Heaven is magnificent. They persecuted the prophets before your time in exactly the same way.

    In conclusion, my Brother’s and Sister’s in Christ, Ken, Gordon and Anonymous, Heaven is here Now for the taking if we soak in the whole chapter of Mathew (Phillips) for we have been in every situation and the Kingdom is with us and all around us, no one else see’s it but we do and in hope they may if they only believe for Heaven will not come with observation, it is within us Now and the more we See, the more we have it All by Faith and it will keep building simply by walking in Faith. That is our Reward, the world can not recieve it nor take it away and God is truth and the world does not like the truth nor the Holy Spirit but because we are truth, let us enjoy our new life until the Rapture and dare not worry, be bold and take a leap into the unknown, once you do and see that it is alright, it will become addictive 🙂

    Love, Peace and affections in Christ to All.

  17. Frani, Thank you for the prayers for me in this spiritual warfare that I’m enduring. I’m in the furnace but there is also One in here with me. The two anonymous replies above are from me I don’t know what happened when I sent them for them to show up from anonymous, but when I noticed it, needed to let you know that they are my heart sincere expressions of gratitude to you. May God abound in His mercies and spiritual gifts upon you.

  18. Thank u! I will still read ur articles when I look them up. It’s just way to much mail. So sorry, but, I can’t keep
    up w/ it all. Appreciate your help, Gordon, to UNSUBSCRIBE me. God Bless, Laura

  19. You Christians worried about the thinks Our Mighty King Jesus told Us of these things to come and He asked us just to keep your mind on Him your are liable for youf own Salavation so when Our King Said get your house together we need to keep our mind on the Source of Us the Love of Us the Keeper of Us we keep our mind on Him instead of what He has Created that will vanish His Children will Live everlasting Life with WONDERFUL, Awesome, Amen, Beginning,and The End, IAM He is the Creatpr of all Even the Devil which was an Beautiful Angle tried to play the role of Our Father and has no power just full of Lies. So you Christians Do you believe

  20. Thanks for your comment Chris. The world is about to see even more vicious, evil, and demonic attacks. Only in Jesus Christ do we have hope. God Bless!

  21. Hi Gordon, I am a struggling Christian, I once was very close to Jesus but have slowly slipped away due to sin. I have a certain Sexual Sin with my wife that I am finding extremely hard to break. I repent and then I do it again and again. Its a vicious cycle that is slowly killing me. I also sense the presence of evil everywhere in everything I see , I have notice the sudden explosion of people getting Body art and am so shocked that even my own mum who once hated Tattoos has now got about 3. I would appreciate any prayer or help. God bless and thankyou. Mark

  22. Mark I am sorry to hear of your troubles my friend. We all sin, we all make mistakes, yes even Christians. But we need to repent and really try to change our ways. Satan and his minions are out to deceive us. We need to be close to our Creator, God. The world is a wicked place and getting worse by the day.

    My suggestion would be to seek the Lord in all that you do, rededicate your life to the Lord. Read His word daily, meditate on the things above. Give Him thanks and worship. Pray for the Lord to protect you and keep you from evil. He will hear you Mark, He will listen and He will help. Literally get down on your knees in repentance. Cry out to your Father in heaven and ask Him to help you! He will help if it is from your heart.

    I also pray for you Mark, for the Lord to bind the demons which are attacking you, to cast them far away from you. I ask our Father in heaven to give you the peace and comfort that you desperately need. I also pray for your family, that the Lord will come into their lives and give them eternal salvation. I pray for you to be walking closely to God, Jesus Christ, our Savior, our Friend. In Jesus name I pray, Amen

    The world is becoming a more wicked place, and we must do everything in our power to overcome the world, we are the children of God. But, we cannot do it alone, we need God to intervene for us. Stay strong in the Lord my friend, and remember, He is always with us in good times and in bad. God bless!

  23. It is coming soon. That is all I know.

    and that is why the fallen angels are upping their evil game as of late, as you said as well.

    it is nice to know that I am not the only one who is seeing this connection 🙂

    god bless you and keep you safe.

  24. Gordon, about a week or so ago I could sense what seemed like a dark cloud spreading throughout the globe. It was circling born-again believers, trying to choke the fire out of us. Some of us have very little, if any, fire left so not all of us noticed the evil. It was scary. I’m not as scared anymore because my heart has been going through a personal revival to where I can sense God’s presence more frequently. But I do know what you’re talking about.

  25. Thanks for your comment L.S R.

    It is coming, it is here now and only getting worse. Since I wrote this post, the evil has become more heinous, more intense, and much more frequent!

    God bless my friend.

  26. Thanks for your comment MC Pugh.

    You are not alone in having visions and sensing what is in the world and what is coming. I too have had many visions and dreams. The Lord is speaking, we must learn to listen.

    God bless!

  27. Gordon, very interesting post here. Your comments are exactly how I am feeling. The darkness is everywhere and few people notice. But there are some that do. I have a daughter around 35, who can see occasionally dark spirits. They have tried to bother her. She believes it is a gift from God that she can decern such things. My husband and I have seen them occasionally too. I have learned to totally rely on Jesus Christ for his help with the evil in the world. Will I escape it? Probably not, but with His help I will.
    Another comment on the dreams and visions, there is a book with the same title, that I have read of people around the nation, of all ages, who are having visions and dreams of these latter days and things of the scriptures. It is a very good read. I believe there are 3 volumes. It is surprising how they are various areas with similar details…in Joel, he prophesies that people in the latter days will have dreams and visions. That is coming to pass today.
    Thank you again for your website. I really enjoy reading it and keeping up with current events and making connections with things of the scriptures.

  28. Thanks again for your comment RL!

    Many people are having visions and dreams, even unbelievers! We can overcome all things in this life with Jesus Christ working through us.

    God Bless!

  29. Reblogged this on Watchman and commented:
    This was written in 2013 everything that was written has happened. ..evil, Satanic, Demonic is permeating our nations, as Christians we need to be aware and alert of what is going on in the world. ..Spread the Gospel in all truth and in love more now than ever before. ..we are commissioned to spread the gospel to all the lost time is running out people we need to put on the whole armour of God and fight the good fight Satan knows his days are numbered he wants to drag as many as he can into hell with him. ..Father shelter us beneath your wings help us all to stand in strength, courage and wisdom in these last days ..fill us to over flowing with your Holy Spirit so our light is shinning for all to see showing we are different. .help us to lead the lost to Jesus Christ so all may be saved. .we thank you Lord for every blessing in our lives Jesus Precious name Amen

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  31. The end times is horrific time. Man will worship sin instead of GOD. Many wicked beast will come, and they will abuse and I’m sorry for using this term, but they will rape men and women. Regardless of who you are for hours in. It will be terrible because true evil will become law and our leaders will worship the evil, and it will be bad. Homosexuality will be more common at this time but, when the beast come they will (excuse me) they will do evil horrendous things to good people regardless of sex. But hear me! Whoever that has faith in Christ alone will be saved!!! Do not surrender to this world please I beg of you because I sense the evil and I have warned you. PRAISE BE THE LORD OF LIGHT THAT KEEPS US FROM FALLING AMEN!

  32. Hey! Just wanted to let you know your not alone in feeling how you do. Your literally reading my mind. I feel the world is becoming crazy and demonic and I feel like demons are being unleashed or something. Its weird..

  33. Thanks for your comment Anonymous!

    I’m not reading your mind, God is giving His children discernment and understanding of the times! Stay close to Jesus Christ and He will guide your paths.

    God bless!

  34. Sweetheart I too am getting the attacks its Christmas Day I go out of my way to help certIn family members who were invited who totally destroyed Christmas for me and my children not only that but these people think I’ve lost the plot that I’m a bible thumper and that I’ve lost it just by showing the love of Jesus I’ve been sensing evil for months now and I and my son heard the strange sounds in the sky like the sound of trumpets that have been heard all over the world again on Christmas night I awoke to hear them so it was a great oppertunity to get a unbelieving family member to hear but he refused to believe although he could hear it he went on the attack like a demon against me but I stood my ground but he was scary to watch how he attacked me I knew what it was I’ve been trying to give him the truth but he refuses to believe I can’t get through to them and they think I’ve lost the plot all I do is show kindness and provided a beautiful Christmas I was blessed to hear the sound again on Christmas night but I’m devastated at how I’m viewed and thought of but then Jesus said this would happen I’ve fought the darkness coming against me my whole life and it never is easy but Jesus has every hair on our head counted God bless you child your not alone sister c u when Jesus comes to get us love Deborah from Donegal Ireland

  35. And I repeat: I am saved by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ is My Savior. I repeat it again and again, because the devil hears…about the blood of the Lamb…and KNOWS HIS TIME IS SHORT….! JEsus is coming…Planet X is cloud of angels…and we are hearing the Voice of the ARCHANGEL…..announcing…HE IS THE ROCK….and if we were not shouting about HIS COMING…the stones would cry out…..and perhaps that is why the volcanos are errupting…the “stones are crying out” against those who mock….THEIR SAVIOUR..and WHAT ALL HE HAS DONE TO SAVE THEM….but the VEX HIS HOLY SPIRIT….and that makes me sad too! Bless You!

  36. Thank you for your comment Theredhorsebook!

    Romans 8:20-22
    “For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of Him who subjected it in hope; 21 because the creation itself also will be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. 22 For we know that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now.”

    All of creation groans in pain because all of creation has been subjected to the curse of sin. I do believe that the world will groan even louder the closer we get to the return of Jesus Christ to earth, and perhaps part of it is due to the increasing evil in the world, and as you have stated even of believers who don’t seem to understand the times that we are living in! Very sad indeed!

    God bless! Maranatha!

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