Don’t Be Deceived!


Commentary by:  Gordon King

The world is full of evil and deception.  Of lies upon lies, hatred, malevolence and violence.  This evil is increasing and will not stop until the second coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Do not be deceived, do not be led astray.  Evil is being replaced by good, and good by evil.  Things are not as they appear to be.  It  can be easy to get caught up in sinister schemes and ideas.

Much of the world today is weary, sleeping, and off guard.  They believe what they read, what they see on television, and what the government tells them is fact.  There is much deception in society, much that is not being told. 

If we are to see the truth and know the truth, then we must be filled with the Holy Spirit of God.  He gives believers discernment and the wisdom of God.  However, there are those Christians who are not walking close to God, they too may be deceived.

As we approach the end, these lies and deceptions shall be uncovered and brought into the light.  However, for many it will be too late.  They will still not be able to discern the truth from a lie.  They shall see evil as good, and good as evil. 

Only the righteous, through the blood of Jesus Christ, will be able to discern the truth.  Only the righteous will be able to discern the spirits.  That’s why it is so vitally important to live for Christ, and with Christ in these last days!

Evil spirits are here now, they are increasing in strength and in numbers.  They are wreaking havoc throughout the earth.  Their plan is a sinister one.  To make a mockery of everything God has created.  To stop as many people from accepting God as possible.  To destroy God’s creations, and for Satan himself to become god.  To blasphemy against God and His Holy Spirit.

Satan knows that his time is short.  He knows that he must work hard and fast.  Satan is not stupid, he was one of the highest angels in heaven when God created him.  He has many strengths and powers.  He is smart, cunning, strong and brave.  He is also very evil, deceptive, hateful, and wicked.

Satan knows God, fears God, and hates God.  He could have repented to God, but did not.  Instead, he chose to continue to rebel against God.  And here we are today.  Being deceived by the “Great Deceiver”.

Satan and his demons are possessing many people.  They are spreading their hatred around the world through war, violence, evil, murder, heinous acts, theft, and lies.  Much of what we see happening including abortion, sexual immorality, domestic violence, theft, murder, crime, cannibalism, war, protests, riots, false religion, apostasy, persecution, and government coercion is the work of Satan.  These will increase in intensity and frequency.  The lies that we are being fed will increase in intensity and frequency.  The persecution of Christians will also intensify. 

Our time is short, the end is coming.  Do not be deceived!  Make sure that you are right with God.  Walk close to Him daily.  Worship Him and Give Him the praise and the thanks that He deserves.

God Bless!

10 thoughts on “Don’t Be Deceived!

  1. And we should not protest against the persecution of Christians? We should not fight against an evil government? John the Baptist fought against the King. We need to rock and roll John style>

  2. Hi Gordon, appreciate your article, right on. I just want to offer a consideration that many can mistake deceivers as those who are the nearest and most available to us. Those in our own Nation who have come in teaching doctrines of men. And there are many who teach the wealth, success, and prosperity gospel leading the sheep astray. Amazingly there are roughly 4200 religions/sects world wide with pagan origins and practices. Although there are listed 21 major religions, Buddhism being one of them, there are something like 87 sects or schools of Buddhism within the religion itself, there are approximately 48 variations of Native American religions. There are approximately two billion people who have no religion at all. Christianity is divided up into over 70 denominations not including anything Catholic. So with all the billions of people caught up in Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, and mysticism, Deception worldwide is a huge issue because the vast majority of humanity possibly 4 billion are caught up in the deception of false pagan religions. Actually its bigger than my mind can comprehend how deceived billions of people are away from the true religion of true biblical Christianity. With all the opportunities that we still have to reach the lost and deceived it should make us more willing to help take the gospel to the ends of the earth. The world in in a massive fallen deceived state when it comes to true biblical religion. Rightly enough Jesus foretold this in Luke 13:23 when someone ask Him “Lord are there few who are saved and He said to them Strive to enter through the narrow gate, for many , I say to you will seek to enter and will not be able. Jesus spoke of the broad way which the many would go to destruction and the narrow way where only a few would find to eternal life. The destruction part saddens my heart that so many are deceived. The greatest act of mercy and kindness God could do at this time would be to send His Son Jesus and stop the deception, actually,He soon will Matt. 24:14 Jesus said that this Gospel of the Kingdom would be preached in all the world as a witness to all nations and the end would come. Even so come Lord Jesus come!!

  3. Amen! The deception is rampant in the religious realm. Many are and will be deceived. That is why it is so difficult to reach them. God will reach them, but, they may not accept him. God Bless!

  4. Hi Ken, wow you are amazingly intelligent and observant of the many many deceptive religious realms, denominations ect. Had I not been searching desperately for a humble and wise but discrete Messenger, I would have missed Gordon’s wonderful enlighting blog as well as other’s that post for there are so many views on the media stream and on the net and I would turn my station over and over, watching, listening and seeing millions of people in Church, and I thought wow what a Revival but something wasn’t right in my Spirit after listening to them preaching about how to prosper, how to heal, send in a prayer cloth with a kindly donation and so forth, or We built this church and have millions of prayer cloths and they will be answered, or the ones that go on and on about using Psychology rather than Biblical terms, changing the meanning around, it all sounded so perfect BUT the Jesus I know purposely made himself the humblist of all and specifically said to sale all that you have and give to the poor and you will have riches in Heaven, and to not lay up for yourself treasures on earth where dust collects on and thieves break thru and steal but lay them up in heaven, for where your treasure is then there is your heart also. I am sure Jesus wants us to have but in moderation if we choose as in basics for it actually takes away your mind off God and puts it on Objects that become your God rather than the true God for the objects are nothing and God is Everything, what good is it to have it all but lost your soul so to speak and the Churches I have seen profess that, Abundance in wealth, cars, boats, diamonds, send me all your money and you will be blessed, come let us make a deal so we can get the word out. Well the word is out about Christ but how is it out? God said you can not serve him and mammon, either him or money. I choose to be poor, my family could ring me a new Crown I am sure, but I choose to, why, because to me less is more, I downsized, took the narrow road that leads to Eternal life for the wide road leads to destruction, the more you have the more you have to worry over. Our reward is in Heaven where no one can take away waiting on us like a Hope Chest, Our riches are in our hearts right now by Loving our Life in Christ, peace, kindness, gentleness, self control, contentment, charity, and above all faith. If you have these, you have it all. Our riches are not in a Church these days that mislead that most follow, if there is beauty in the heart, there is beauty in the character if there is beauty in the character there is harmony in the home, if there is harmony in the home there is peace in the world, but few will be to find it, The Churches lean on the seven deadly sins to employ themselves, it is sad but as Gordon said, God may reach them but they may not accept him. Now on a humor side of this, whatever is poor Satan going to do? If people that do believe or do not, can not accept God and listen to him, they sure are not going to listen to Satan after a while, so then what happens when they do not want to listen to either one? If Satan cast out Satan, his kingdom wont stand, I see it everywhere in homes and churches, it is all messed up. I am so happy I found God and he found me and I have found kindred spirits here.

  5. Frani, across the broad spectrum of the worlds religions including the ones in our own country calling themselves Christians, Regardless of financial status of wealth, prosperity or poverty, anything outside of what Jesus and the Apostles taught as the authority of the Word of God would lead one to be deceived. It’s God’s Word through abiding in Christ through the work of the Holy Spirit to enlighten us that gives us the discernment to know truth from error. I pray that you are blessed in all your endeavors to be wise and knowing in all the things of God.

  6. The way truly is a narrow one and Matthew 7:.14 says ~few there be that find it.~ This is the Word of God. Only with Holy Spirit discernment can we stay close to the Lord. Sobering.

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