Are Angels Real?

Commentary by:  Gordon King

Thomas heard a strange rattling noise coming from under the hood of his car.  “Oh no!” He exclaimed.  “What in the world is that?”  The next thing he knew, thick black smoke began bellowing out from under the hood, the engine seized and his car came to a rolling stop along the lonely deserted highway. 

“How on earth could this be happening?  I just had a maintenance check for Pete’s Sake!”  It was a hot arid day, with the temperature hitting 115 degrees Fahrenheit, and it was only 11:30 am.  The Mojave desert was one place you did not want car problems, with its unrelenting heat.  Thomas McClellan, a middle aged business man on his way from Tuscon Arizona to Los Angeles California for business.

“What was that number again…..oh yeah….555-4565……what?!    No dial tone!”  His phone was dead.  “The heat must have prematurely drained the battery.”  He said with a disgruntled tone.  Thomas quickly felt the effects of the heat beating down on him.  He began to sweat and feel the burning of the hot desert sun upon his head.  “I need shelter and water.”

As Thomas walked along the dusty highway he noticed an old cafe just a hundred yards or so down the road.  He scrambled towards the cafe as fast as his legs and the heat would let him.  Banging on the door, Thomas noticed that it was not locked.  He hurridly opened the door and let himself in.  Thomas thought: “Hmmm….looks as if this place has been closed for quite some time!”

Old sheets covered tables, chairs and counter top.  Everything else was completely covered with dust.  The place smelled like the inside of an old car that was abandoned for years.  “Think I’ll take a look in the kitchen.”  He mumbled…”Have to find some water and something to eat.”

As he turned the handle to the faucet he heard the grumbling of air in the pipes.  A few minutes later, a brown, foul smelling liquid oozed out of the spigot.  “Whew!”  Thomas exclaimed.  “Wow!  Don’t want to touch that!”  Rummaging through the shelves looking for food proved to be just as despairing.  Nothing on the shelves, nothing in the cabinets, nothing!

Sitting at an empty table Thomas began to weep.  “Lord God, if you can hear me, please help.  I need you Lord now more than ever before.”  Ten minutes past, although it seemed like hours, before he heard the sound of an old truck pulling up to the building just outside.  Thomas jumped to his feet and ran like no tomorrow.  “Excuse me sir, sir!”  Thomas yelled with excitement.  “Could you please help, I need some food, water and a ride!”     “Slow down partner” The old man replied.  “Just what in the dickens is this all about?”  “Well” Thomas explained, “my car broke down just a few miles down the road, my phone doesn’t work and I have no food or water.  I was on my way to Los Angeles for business tomorrow.” 

The old man just smiled at Thomas as if he had just told a funny joke.  “What?!” Thomas blurted out.  “Whats so funny?”  The old man explained. “I know someone who can fix your car.”   Thomas replied: “Thats great!”  The old man said: “I’m also on my way to Los Angeles.  Going to visit some people there.   I’ll call and have your car towed, you ride with me to Los Angeles, I’ll give you a ride back after your business and you can pick up your car.”

Without any hesitation Thomas excited replied “Yes, yes!”  “Then its settled.”  Said the old man.  “By the way, I know this great little barbeque house just a couple more miles down the road.  Care if we stop first?”   “I certainly don’t.” Said Thomas.  “By the way, what did you say your name was?”  “I didn’t” said the old man.  “Just call me Old Timer”.

“Thank you God.”  Thomas thought to himself.  “Thank you for always being there.  Sorry I didn’t call on you first.”

Thomas called upon the name of the Lord and was rescued.  Was this man an angel sent from heaven?  Or just an old man passing through and stopping at an abandoned cafe?  You be the judge.

Have you ever had the experience of encountering an angel?  Have you ever met a stranger in the time of need?  Perhaps you were in some sort of bind and out of nowhere came this fellow with just the help you needed.  Did you ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe this was an angel, sent from above?

Well, angels really exist.  They are present even now. 

Revelation 5:11

11 “Then I looked, and I heard the voice of many angels around the throne, the living creatures, and the elders; and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands,”

Hebrews 13:2

2 “Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels.”

Each one of us has our own angel.  Did you know that?  In fact we may have even more than one.

Psalm 91:11

11 “For He shall give His angels charge over you,
To keep you in all your ways.”

Matthew 18:10

10 “Take heed that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that in heaven their angels always see the face of My Father who is in heaven.”

Hebrews 1:14

14 “Are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation?”

God has created not only humans, but also countless numbers of angels.  Angels to serve him and to serve us.  They minister to us, they comfort us, help guide us, and protect us from harm.  They also help us in times of need.

The next time a stranger offers to help, think about it, then ask yourself: “Is this an angel of God?”

God Bless!

10 thoughts on “Are Angels Real?

  1. I think it was an Angel sent by God. Personally, I have a little girl here at my home, and many angels for people have seen them and it did scare them and I smile and tell them that their here to protect me and watch over me. My first incident was when I had my surgery in 2010 and it went wrong and as I layed in my bed at home dieing, my boyfriend at that time was sleeping on the couch for I was in great distress by the third day and he was awakened by a little girl of about three years old running thru the living room and she stopped and looked at him and then ran into my bedroom, he soon followed, peeked in on me and then mentioned it to my landlord the next day and she told him no child has ever died on this property. The little girl I am sure was trying to get him to me to awaken me I believe for I was not in my right mind and feverish, with septices and gangreen resulting in another surgery soon after, withing a seven day range, that is when I died in the hospital and saw my Mother. My little animals see things all the time here and the lights sometimes come on by themselves or I will hear the sound of a little childs laughter or people talking, or if I am very sad I might put my head down and just cry and feel a hand touch my shoulder. They let us know, we are not alone, God let us know we are not alone, but you decide. I keep to myself with my animals and my spirit friends and play gentle music, it is beautiful here and I can not imagine my life without God, my animals, my wildlife and my angels. And I never meet a stranger for I walk the footsteps of a stranger and have always had help when I needed it, from out of the blue. People call it anti socialable, I call it Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall inherit the Earth, there is a difference. Just like your really an Angel Sir Gordon, you showed up when I need guidance! 🙂

  2. When I was 19 years old in the navy and stationed in D,C. I went to visit a couple in NW D.C. in a bad section of town. They were not home and so I waited on the street thinking they went to get groceries. Dusk was settling in, they were not coming and about 700 feet from me was a gas station with several congregating youth that kept staring at me as I stood there. They slowly began walking towards me when all of a sudden this taxi pulls up in front of me, the door opens and the driver shouts at me to get in and takes off. He then chastises me for being in this area as it is very dangerous for a white girl to be here alone. He then drove me to my barracks in Arlington VA and never took any money. I remember he said he was a student at Georgetown University but that’s all I remember. Years later when I got older, wiser and became a Christian realized that God had protected me that evening by sending an angel in the disguise of a taxi driver. He answered my mother’s prayer for my protection as I was a dumb, naïve girl of the early 60’s.

  3. I believe in angels, yes I do. God is wonderful and Almighty, there is nothing he can’t do. I speak the words of the Lord. I really do thank you for your encouragement, it means a lot to me. But, I am just an ordinary person who believes in Jesus and loves the Lord with all of his heart.

    When I sit down to write a post, most of the time I am not sure what to write about. I just start typing. It just comes to me as I type. I don’t spend time thinking up what to write about. I pray for wisdom, guidance and for the Holy Spirit to use me as his vessel. God does work in mysterious ways!

    God bless!

  4. Patrice, what an amazing rescue, but please never ever call yourself dumb, naive yes but all of us were naive in our early years. We all had our innocent stages or delicate stages we went thru but dumb, nah, I am certain if you knew you would be in that situation you would have never ventured there sweety but the glory of it was that God was watching all along and before hand, and sent an Angel from out of the blue to you, perhaps even himself for all we know for he is a Mystery, we never know when we are talking to a stranger and who knows, it could be Jesus himself for all we know, now that is amazing and answered your Mothers prayer and I am certain you were praying to at that time. I always say that mistakes are blessings in disguise. Every bad thing that ever happened to me turned out for the good and I have did and have encountered some bad things girl and it all turned out to be the most wonderfulist journey of my Life, leading me to the three men I admire the most, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen!! Take care.

  5. Sir Gordon, God has his finger on your heart I am certain and your modest, clear, and your truth is like unto a blue corn moon that out shines the night! You make words on paper from your heart that rest in the hands that rock our cradels, the Almighty God. Isn’t it a wonder of all wonder to live in the moment in time, feeling the Holy Ghost within you, getting lost in it all, while the noise of the world melts away. That is the power of God, the power of a unwordable Love that you pass on to others. You heal and guide many souls because you listen, empathize, and give Life and a great creator or artist or thinker never knows what they are going to write, they just sit down, and it flows, a gift from God because you seek the Kingdom of Heaven for it is within you and you make Heaven on Earth like it is suppose to be for after all, you have seen and been thru the worst of things, unspeakable in your life, for an ordianry man, you are extra ordinary my friend. 🙂 Only a man with a horrid testamony can speak such great things as you do, wisdom is justified by its children. Most people do not realize that it is not the high road that gets to Life, it is a dark, low and hard one as you have seen and I. Praise God, and God bless! 🙂

  6. thank you for your kind words but I must add a caveat here. At that particular time in my life I was not a christian, having gone to catholic school all my life but never knowing Jesus other than a hard task master not a loving, protecting God. So that is why I believe to this day it was my mother’s prayers and God’s predestined plan for my life. I am now 73 years old and in awe at how good God is and how thankful I am to Him for choosing me.

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