End of the World!

End of the WorldCommentary by: Gordon King

Are we close to the end of the world?  Is the world as we know it doomed to disaster? 

Well yes and no.  We are close to the end.  But, not of the world.  Not yet anyway.  We are headed for disaster, disaster on a major scale.  What will become of our home planet we call “Earth”?

We are now at the end of an age.  The “Church Age” or “Dispensation”.  We are soon to enter into a seven-year period of severe pain and suffering, death and destruction never before seen on planet Earth.  This period is known as “The Tribulation Period”.

The tribulation period will last for seven years.  It will end with return of Jesus Christ at His “Second Coming” during Armageddon. 

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I believe that we shall see the “Rapture” of the church prior to the beginning of the seven-year tribulation period.  Many shall disagree with me, and that is your choice.  Let us not argue over the rapture, please!

The beginning of the tribulation period begins with the revealing of the “Anti-Christ”.  He will  not be labeled the Anti-Christ, however, we shall know him because he will sign a seven-year peace treaty with Israel.  He will be a man who is liked by many.  He will be a great deceiver and false peacemaker. 

After the first half of the tribulation period, three and one half years, the “Great Tribulation” will begin.  The beginning of this period will be marked by the “Abomination of Desolation”.  The abomination of desolation is when the Anti-Christ sits in the “Holy of Hollies” of the Jewish Temple on the mount, and proclaims to be god.  He will make everyone worship him and take the “Mark of the Beast”.

There are then only three and one half years until the Second Coming of Christ.  The Anti-Christ and Satan will have complete reign upon the earth at this time.  It will be a terrible time to be alive.

At the end of this period will be the “Battle of Armageddon”.    The Nations of the world will gather to fight Israel and Christ.

Christ will return to earth at His Second Coming to defeat those who oppose Him, including Satan and the Anti-Christ.  He shall throw Satan and his demons into the bottomless pit for one thousand years.

After this time Christ will rule and reign on earth for one thousand years.  This is referred to as the “The Millennium Period” or The Millennium.  All of the saints and those that are still alive shall live with Christ here on earth for one thousand years.  It will be a time like before sin existed on earth.  The saints shall rule the world along side Jesus Christ.  At the end of the period Satan shall be loosed from the bottomless pit.  He shall deceive many and gather them together with himself to once again fight against Jesus.  Jesus will defeat them and cast Satan into the “Lake of Fire” or Hell, once and for all.

All unbelievers will stand before the “Great White Throne” of judgment and be thrown into the lake of fire for eternity.

Jesus will destroy the earth with fire.  He shall then create a “New Heaven and a New Earth” for eternity.   All saints will be judged at the “Bema Seat” of Christ.  This judgement will not be for sins, but will be for the good works of the saints.  All works will be tested by fire, the ones which survive the fire will be rewarded for.

So the answer to the question: “Is this the end of the world”, not yet, but it is coming.  There will be an end to this world.  But, there is much more to come.  We are about to enter a period of great disaster, evil, violence and wickedness.  It will not be a good time to live on earth. 

Accept Jesus Now as your Personal Lord and Savior!  God Bless!

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3 thoughts on “End of the World!

  1. Gordon, I am blessed by your persistence in giving the Gospel and warnings. Keep it up brother. The siren cannot be loud enough for people to heed the warnings and come to Christ, we are in an (urgent cause) moment of time. Nobody knows for sure what the next 5 days hold for the world, but one thing I do know for sure, Bible prophecy says that and sin and lawlessness will abound and increase, not taper down or level off. Will weather calamities and earthquakes happen?, yes! when I read the bible I must agree that earthquakes will increase in various places Jesus gave us comparisons with our end time generation and the generation of Noah. That generation (knew not) that is, they were unwilling to think, dwell on, heed, or recognize the things and warnings of God until the door of the ark was shut and the floods came and destroyed them all.
    What is happening now especially with the dangerous weather and violence is a fore-shadow or pre-type of what is yet coming on the earth during the tribulation time. Besides all the human efforts to preach the Gospel and warn people, the warnings should be clear for every human being from one end of the earth to another that something is terribly wrong in the heavens and on earth.
    May as many as will recognize the warnings repent and turn to Jesus.

  2. Thank you for your encouragement Ken. Many, many people are not heeding the warning. Although they can clearly see what is happening in the world today, yet they do not listen. I understand this is what will happen in the end, but it is our commission to try to reach them.
    God Bless!

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