Do you feel undeserving of God’s grace and mercy?

man-praying copyCommentary by:  Gordon King

Do you ever feel like you don’t deserve to be saved?  That you are undeserving of God’s salvation, grace and mercy.  I do.  It’s difficult for me to understand how God can go on loving me each and everyday.   Even though I keep on sinning, not going out of my way to sin, nonetheless, still sinning.  As good as I want to be, I still find that I am human, and I do find myself sinning at times.  I keep asking God to forgive me each and everyday.  Although I alone am not worthy of his forgiveness, I am forgiven by his grace and mercy, through the blood of Jesus Christ.  I pray for God to forgive me.

“Dear Father in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Please forgive me of my sins.  I am a sinner.

I pray to you with sorrow and pain.  I come again asking you to forgive me once again for sinning against you oh Lord.  I am not worthy of your love and forgiveness.  Yet, you continually welcome me into your arms in love, peace, forgiveness and mercy.

You know that my flesh is weak.  As much as I try, I cannot be the good son that you deserve.  For your commandments are righteous and pure, beyond my ability to keep.  Only through the blood of Jesus Christ am I made whole and worthy to be in your presence.

You deliver me from evil, you guide me and protect me, you provide for all of my needs.  

You comfort me in times of trouble, you give me peace and joy in my pain and sorrow.

You guide me each and everyday, you give me wisdom and insight to know your words.

Lord, I give you thanks and praise each and everyday.  You are my rock, my salvation, and my comfort.

I pray that you make me more like you oh Lord.  Keep me humble, increase my faith, strengthen my heart, make me bold and courageous, make me holy.   Guide me in the paths of righteousness, for your namesake.

Oh Lord I pray, in the Holy name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”

God loves us so very much.  He is forgiving, loving, merciful, kind, and patient.  He always welcomes us back into his loving arms, again and again, over and over.  God is so good!  He loves his children very much, even though we are not perfect.

Jesus love us and he feels our pain.  When Lazarus died, Jesus felt the pain, the sorrow.  John writes that Jesus cried over the death of Lazarus.  He felt the pain of his family and friends.

John 11:35  “Jesus wept.”

God feels your pain.  You are his child.  When your child is hurting and in pain, you as their parent also feel the pain.  You weep for your child.  God weeps for you also.  When you are weeping in pain and sorrow, Jesus is weeping with you.  That should bring some comfort knowing that God is weeping with you.  You are not alone, God is always with you.  He will never leave you nor forsake you.

God Bless!

If you are not yet saved (a Christian) then read, believe, and pray the following prayer!

Sinner's Prayer


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  3. From ~The Love of God” by Frederick M. Lehman, Meir Ben Isaac Nehorai, stanza 3 and refrain.

    “Could we with ink the ocean fill And were the skies of parchment made, Were every stalk on earth a quill And every man a scribe by trade, To write the love of God above Would drain the ocean dry, Nor could the scroll contain the whole, Tho’ stretched from sky to sky.

    O love of God, How measureless and strong!
    It shall forevermore endure – The saints’ and angels’ song!”

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  5. Gordon I look forward to your messages. Several times they’ve been on the mark of how I was feeling at the time. I printed out your “do you feel undeserving of God’s grace and mercy>” It’s now in my bible for frequent prayer use.

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