So What’s New?!

divine punishmentCommentary by:  Gordon King

So what’s new with you?  Oh nothing much.

A blood-red moon tetrad is coming in 2014.  A peace agreement deadline is set for March of 2014.  Comet Ison is expected to swing around the Sun on Thanksgiving day then possibly be headed for earth. 

Parents are murdering their children, children are murdering their parents.  Innocent civilians are being murdered in shopping malls, schools and airports.  Crime is rampant not only in America, but around the world.

The Middle East is in chaotic and disastrous turmoil.  Millions of Syrians are being displaced from their country.  Islamic terrorists are killing innocent people daily around the world.  Christians are being murdered almost each and everyday.  Protests and riots in Egypt continue to kill hundreds if not thousands of people.

Iran is not backing down on its production of radioactive material to produce nuclear weapons.

Israel is still being bombarded with rockets from Hamas.  Hezbollah is also threatening to attack Israel.

Israel is standing alone in the world.  No longer backed up and supported by the United States of America.

Protests and riots are continuing to happen each and everyday throughout America and the world.

The Economies of the world are falling apart, as are societies in general.  People are making less money and have less to spend on food.  Millions of people around the world are suffering from starvation.

Governments are becoming more and more oppressive and militarized.  Creating new laws to take away the rights and freedoms of its citizens.  They are becoming more controlling, more aggressive and much larger.  The government that was for the people, now seems to be for itself.

Threats of war and rumors of war are prevalent at this time.

Natural disasters are occurring daily.   Earthquake swarms are happening around the globe daily for the past several weeks.  Volcanoes continue to erupt.  Nations around the world are experiencing deadly floods.  Record breaking storms are killing hundreds.  The Sun continues to emit massive solar flares.

New diseases are appearing frequently, old diseases that were once eradicated are making a come back.  Deaths from disease are on the rise.  New flesh-eating bacteria are killing many and increasing in frequency.   Bacteria once under control are now becoming anti-biotic resistant.

Evil and wickedness is quickly increasing.  Satanic and demonic acts are now common.    God is being taken out of society and pushed aside.

Tolerance is the message of the day.  Political correctness is ruling our lives.  All except for Christianity.  Christianity is now being looked at as intolerant and evil.

Other than that, not too much!

People!  It’s time to wake up.  Time to pick a side.  Choose who you will serve.  The gods of this world or the God of Creation itself, Jesus Christ!  Jesus Christ is the only way.  He is the way, the truth, and the life!   By His blood we are saved.

The signs are all around us.  Our time here on earth as we have lived for thousands of years is about to come to an end.  If you do not accept Jesus Christ now as your Lord and Savior you may not have any time left.  Make a decision, and don’t wait.  The time is NOW!


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4 thoughts on “So What’s New?!

  1. Keep putting the invitation out there, Brother King. Along with all the chaos and the spirit of murder running loose, God is the orchestrator of those “divine appointments – and many are praying for family, friends and even strangers.

  2. Yep, nothing new under the sun….unless….
    ‘a man is a new creation,’ then, ALL things are become new.

    The headlines of the day? More stuff to distract from, and gossip. But we can use all that stuff for the glory of God. And this we will do, if God permits.

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