Mall, Airport and School Gunmen! What is going on?!


Commentary by:  Gordon King

The times we are living in are not only evil and wicked, but very strange and unusual as well.  It seems as though many events are occurring together in bunches.  For instance, mass animal deaths, earthquakes swarms, sink holes, floods, unusual sounds, blood-red waters, asteroid/meteor strikes, explosions, solar flares, fatal bus crashes, plane crashes, car crashes and train accidents. 

We are now seeing bunches of armed attacks in malls, airports and schools.  They all seem to be occurring together, at the same time, one after another.  What is that all about?!  Why on earth do these things keep happening in bunches?

It’s all related to the end times.  These are all the signs of the times that we are now living in.  Jesus told us to watch for certain signs.  But, he also told us that evil will increase and people’s hearts will grow cold.  This is exactly what we are experiencing now. 

He also told us the closer we get to His return, these things will happen with more intensity and more frequency.  Like a mother about to give birth, birth pains,  with increased intensity and increased frequency the closer she gets to the birth of her child.  We are now seeing the contractions of the end times.  We see short periods of relatively calm and quiet, then we see periods of intense evil, wickedness and mayhem, including natural disasters. 

The pains are becoming more intense, with greater frequency.  We are getting closer to the return of Jesus Christ to earth!

It’s not over folks.  We are about to witness many more armed gunmen in America.  At schools, airports and malls.  More armed robbery, theft and murder.  It’s not going to get better, only worse from here on out.  Be prepared.  Make sure you are right with your maker.

Stay close to the Lord, for our time is short.  God Bless!


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