Pro-Life Group: Texas Abortionist Killed Live-born Babies

Warning! This video and article both contain very graphic details of the murdering of newborn babies!

Dave Bohon
New American
November 4, 2013

A Texas-based pro-life group is drawing attention to a late-term abortionist who has committed crimes, it charges, that are as horrific as those of convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortionist serving a life sentence for killing babies who were born alive at his “house of horrors” clinic. According to those who worked at the clinic, Gosnell and a handful of his associates may have murdered hundreds of babies during the decades the clinic was open by delivering them alive and then plunging a surgical scissors into the newborns’ necks and snipping their spinal cords.

In the case of Houston abortionist Douglas Karpen, Texas-based Life Dynamics says that employees at his clinic have recounted similar stories of horrific child murders, but that thus far nothing has been done to stop the late-term abortion mechanic or to bring him to justice for the alleged murders.

As reported by The New American, in May Life Dynamics recorded an interview, available on YouTube, with three former employees at Karpen’s Houston area clinic, in which they charged that Karpen killed babies who were born alive. In the interview the women, who worked at the Aaron Women’s Clinic, told of regular late-term abortions in which babies came out alive and were killed by Dr. Karpen, either by “snipping” the spinal cord or by inserting an instrument into the soft spot on a baby’s head. In other instances, one employee said, Karpen twisted the heads off live babies with his bare hands.

In her testimony Deborah Edge, who worked for Karpen for some 15 years before leaving in 2011, recalled that when the physician did abortions at 20 weeks or more, “most of the time the fetus would come completely out before he cut the spinal cord or he introduced one of the instruments into the soft spot of the fetus, in order to kill the fetus.”

She added that much of the time “we would see him where the fetus would come completely out and of course, the fetus would still be alive.” She recalled that every morning, “if we had 20-something patients, of course ten, or twelve, or fifteen patients would be large procedures, and out of those large procedures, I’m pretty sure that I was seeing at least three or four fetuses that were completely delivered in some way or another,” most of them alive, she said.

Edge described newborns emerging from the womb moving and breathing before being killed, and told of other instances in which the doctor delivered babies feet first with their toes wiggling — until he stabbed them with a surgical scissors — at which time the toes would suddenly spread open before going limp. There were also times, Edge said, when Karpen would kill a baby by “twisting the head off the neck.”

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