Lock Down on Central Conneticut State University Campus, Potential Shooter

(SOURCE) Central Connecticut State University, a public university in New Britain, Connecticut, issued a campus emergency alert this afternoon after a potentially armed man was seen entering one of the halls at CCSU, according to police sources.

A source with the state said state police have contained a suspect within James Hall on the CCSU campus.

New Britain Mayor Tim O’Brien said there are no injuries to report.

School officials have been asking everyone on campus to seek shelter, stay indoors, lock doors, close windows, keep quiet and put cell phones on silent or vibrate as police search for a suspicious person. There has not been a shooting and there is no active shooter, they said.

State police said they have a “number of troopers” at the scene at the request of CCSU police. Tactical and SWAT teams have also responded.

Witnesses said police are running with long guns, telling students to take cover.

Two students report seeing a masked man in camouflage walking on campus with a sword and carrying a backpack away from his body. Whether this is connected to the alert is not yet known.

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