Pattaya Ferry Disaster: At Least Six Dead in Sinking, 20 Missing

This general view shows the beach along the coast of the Thai holiday resort of Pattaya, on September 22, 2006 (AFP/File, Indranil Mukherjee)

(SOURCE) PHUKET: At least six people are dead and 20 are missing after a tourist ferry disaster off Pattaya this afternoon, according to Thai media reports.

It is believed foreigners and Thais are among the dead and missing. ”Three Thais and three foreigners are dead,” one police officer said.

 More could be still trapped in the ferry.

The sinking is the latest in a string of fatal incidents at sea off the Gulf holiday resort.

Detailed reports have you to come, but MCOT is saying that there have been six deaths and 15 serious injuries.

It’s thought that the ferry, licenced to carry 150, was carrying 200 when it capsized, throwing passengers into the sea.

The ferry was one kilometre off shore when the vessel tilted. It was the last ferry of the day.

According to one report, a pump failed and the two-deck ferry began listing to one side.

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