Earthquake Swarms in Mass – 3 November, 2013

earthquake swarms Asia 3 november

                    Large Earthquakes Pound Asia and the South Pacific, 3 November 2013                                  (Live Earthquake Maps)

Commentary by: Gordon King

The World continues to be pounded by swarms of earthquakes.  Asia and the South Pacific have been hit by numerous large earthquakes over the past 12 hours.  The magnitude of the quakes range from a 3.5 to 6. 

The Middle East also have been hit with earthquake swarms over the past 12 hours.  They range in size from 1.8 to 4.4 in magnitude.

This is very unusual to have so many large quakes strike in one region in the same time frame.

earthquake swarms America 3 november

                Earthquake Swarms, Alaska, California and Chile. 3 November, 2013                           (Live Earthquake Maps)

The Americas have been struck by swarms of earthquakes over the past 12 hours.   Alaska, California, and Chile earthquakes up to 4.8 in magnitude.